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DLA Publications

DLA Customer Assistance Handbook

The DLA Customer Assistance Handbook is marked For Official Use Only (FOUO) and is not open to the public. Only DLA customers with a need to know will be granted access to the handbook, either online or in hard copy. If nongovernment people working on government projects require the DLA Customer Assistance Handbook, their government contracting officers should e-mail the handbook at editor

The on-line version of the 21st Edition (2019) DLA Customer Assistance Handbook     (CAC or User I.D. and Password Required) is available to DLA Customers with a ".mil" IP extension.

DLA customers may order a hard copy of the 21st Edition (2019) DLA Customer Assistance Handbook on-line by completing the Information Request Form. 

Although we strive to provide current information for our customers in the handbook, things change quickly. So, you will find periodic updates to the handbook on the website as well. Thank you for your patience as the handbook is updated.

DLA relies on customer input to help continually improve the DLA Customer Assistance Handbook. Feedback can be provided by e-mail to the handbook editor at

Conversion Calendar

Use the link to access or print the DLA Conversion Schedule. DLA Customers may request a hard copy by using the Information Request Form. Anticipated  availability is January 2021

DLA Conversion Schedule - 2021/2022 (PDF Version)   


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