Condition Codes

Excess property is a source of affordable and proven equipment for other DoD activities and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) countries and it provides the U.S. government an opportunity to potentially recoup a return on investment. Accurate condition coding and property descriptions provide Disposition Services the ability to maximize the return on excess/surplus through either sales or reutilization.

Code Description Condition
A Serviceable issuable without qualification New, used, repaired, or reconditioned material which is serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restrictions. Includes material with more than 6 months shelf liferemaining.
B Serviceable issuable with qualification New, used, repaired, or reconditioned material which is serviceable and issuable for its intended purpose but which is restricted from issue to specific units, activities,or geographical areas by reason of its limited usefulness or short service life expectancy. Includes material with 3 through 6 months shelf life.
C Serviceable priority issue Items which are serviceable and issuable to selected customers, but which must be issued before Condition A and B material to avoid loss as a usable asset. Includes material with less than 3 months shelf life remaining.
D Serviceable test modification Serviceable material which requires test, alteration, modification, conversion or disassembly. This does not include items which must be inspected or tested immediately prior to issue.
E Unserviceable limited restoration Material which involves only limited expense or effort to restore to serviceable condition and which is accomplished in the storage activity where the stock is located.
F Unserviceable reparable Economically reparable material which requires repair, overhaul, or reconditioning. Includes reparable items which are radioactivity contaminated.
G Unserviceable incomplete Material requiring additional parts or components to complete the end item prior to issue.
H Unserviceable condemned Material which has been determined to be unserviceable and does not meet repair criteria; includes condemned items which are radioactivity contaminated, Type I shelf life material that has passed the expiration date, and Type II shelf life material that has passed the expiration date and cannot be extended.
Q Suspended (product Quality Deficiency) Unserviceable items with potential or confirmed quality deficiencies.  Disposition Services downgrades items that require mutilation to scrap