Gas Cylinders


Gas Cylinders Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 63

Turn-In Instructions

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Generating activities will transfer compressed gas cylinders to DLA Disposition Services sites for processing in accordance with the Joint Regulation, DLA Instruction 4145.25/AR 700 68/NAVSUPINST 4440.128D/MCO10330.2D/Air Force Joint Manual 23-227(I) (Reference (ag)).

DLA Disposition Services sites will not accept physical custody of cylinders except for cylinders that have been evacuated and rendered inert for scrap recycling.

Serviceable cylinders can be handled as a Receipt In Place (RIP) to attempt reuse or sales. Unserviceable cylinders must be rendered to scrap and delivered to the DLA Disposition Services disposal site.

Rending to scrap is defined as removing the valve and drilling a hole into the cylinder, or destroy the inlet threads. The previous contents of the cylinder must be taken into consideration when disposal actions are considered.

Important Notice: Prior to removing the valve and drilling a hole in the casing, the cylinder MUST be be depressurized and returned to atmosphere. Failure to depressurize cylinder could lead to severe injury or even death. 



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DD Form 1348-1a


The DD Form 1348-1A the most important document when interacting with DLA Disposition Services. It serves as the receipt for property turned in, and is an important record for auditability. 

Learn how to complete a DDForm-1348-1A .