Precious Metals

Turn-In Instructions

Precious Metals Recovery

Any precious metals bearing item/property that are turned into DLA Disposition Services sites may be processed for precious metals recovery. Precious metals include gold, silver, or platinum family metals

If the National Stock Number (NSN) is known, utilize WEBFLIS for further guidance. You will find one of the describing blocks with the name “PMIC”. This is the Precious Metals Indicator Code. If it is any letter other than “A” or “U” it is a Precious Metal Bearing Material (PMBM).

In order for the PMBM to be turned into DLA Disposition Services, the property must be in scrap condition, meaning there is no other value than the material contents of the property.

If the PMBM is still in good condition (i.e. can still be used), then the property must be turned in as a “usable”.

Contact your nearest DLA Disposition Services Field Site DSR to assist with completing turn-in documents or also contact the PMRP team group email ( to help with any other questions relating to the PMRP.

Dental amalgam is no longer eligible for the DoD Precious Metals Program, but DLA Disposition Services may utilize recycling if available

Dental Scrap. Precious metals bearing scrap, excluding used and unused amalgam, derived from the practice of dentistry (e.g., bench grindings, sweepings, polishing residue, restorations, and bridges) will be accumulated and processed for precious metals recovery

Desalting Kits. Some seawater desalting kits contain reclaimable silver and should be turned in to Disposition Services.

Electrocardiogram Pads.  Only expired, unused pads are economical for precious metal (PM) recovery and can be turned in to DLA Disposition Services sites for processing . Used pads can be disposed of in the general trash by the generating activity.

Electronic Scrap. Most common item having precious metals. Example items include circuit cards, microchips, server bank cards, solid state drives, coated precious metal wires, coated precious metal pins, graphic cards.

High temperature and critical alloy scrap containing precious metals will be turned in to DLA Disposition Services sites for precious metals recovery

Magnetrons contain critical metals such as cobalt, gold, silver, and platinum. When practical, these metals will be recovered and sold or issued individually rather than as part of spent magnetrons. Spent classified magnetrons should be declassified according to pertinent Military Department instructions before transfer to a DLA Disposition Services site

Silver Batteries. Due to being a hazardous material, most Disposition Services sites will not be able to physically accept (but could complete a Receive in Place). Contact to assist with disposal of silver batteries.

Silver Recovery Cartridges. In order to physically turn-in, property must be drained of all fluid and be in a good condition sealed container (i.e. no cracks, no exposure to contents, ready for shipment). The DD Form 1348-1A, block 27 (ADD’L DATA) must be annotated with the quantity of cartridges being turned in with printed name and signature.

Spark Plugs and Magneto Breaker Assemblies Process as precious metals. Unusable and non-rebuildable spark plugs and magneto breaker assemblies (contact points) will be accumulated and reported for precious metals recovery.

X-Ray/Aerial/Silver bearing films. If property is medical/dental type, it will be assumed to contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Property will have to be sanitized in accordance with service procedures before turn in to Disposition Services. If sanitization procedure is cost prohibitive, contact for other methods of disposal. DD Form 1348-1A, block 27 (ADD'L DATA) will need following text for turn-in: "I [print full name] have verified there is no Personal Identifiable Information (PII) left on the property being turned in. [signature] and [date]".


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DD Form 1348-1a


The DD Form 1348-1A the most important document when interacting with DLA Disposition Services. It serves as the receipt for property turned in, and is an important record for auditability. 

Learn how to complete a DDForm-1348-1A .

Sample P-Code 1348-1A

Sample P-Code 1348-1A

Sample V-Code 1348-1A

Sample V-Code 1348-1A