Printers Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 108

Turn-In Instructions

DEMIL peripherals and non-hard drive components such as printers, monitors, keyboards, etc., will be transferred using standard receipt processes, no special handling required. Excess automation supplies, which do not contain any data, including magnetic tapes, disk packs, diskettes, and similar consumable items, may be transferred to DLA Disposition Service's sites.

Transfer IT equipment and manuals to DLA Disposition Service's sites together. When software manuals are transferred without the software, the generating activity will certify in writing on the DTID, or attached thereto, that there is no infringement on the vendor licensing agreement.

Ink cartridges and paper MUST be removed from printers before turn-in to DLA Disposition Services.


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DD Form 1348-1a


The DD Form 1348-1A the most important document when interacting with DLA Disposition Services. It serves as the receipt for property turned in, and is an important record for auditability. 

Learn how to complete a DDForm-1348-1A .