Safes and Padlocks


Safes and Padlocks Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 84

Turn-In Instructions

Generating activities will empty filing cabinets or safes, and set the combination at 50-25-50 or reset to the manufacturer’s specification and include a certification that the safes or cabinets are completely empty prior to removal.

Combination padlocks will be reset to 10-20-30 and tagged or marked. The certification will also contain the certifier’s name, unit, and phone number.

Some manufacturers of file cabinets or safes used asbestos as a fireproofing insulation prior to the EPA ban on the use of asbestos. Consider Remington Rand file cabinets and safes and Diebold file cabinets only to contain asbestos unless analysis proves otherwise. DLA Disposition Services will process cabinets and safes as HW unless proof is provided that they do not contain asbestos.


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DD Form 1348-1a


The DD Form 1348-1A the most important document when interacting with DLA Disposition Services. It serves as the receipt for property turned in, and is an important record for auditability. 

Learn how to complete a DDForm-1348-1A .