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Electronic Turn in Document (ETID) Overview

DLA Disposition Services has developed a web-based Electronic Turn-in Document (ETID). It is an electronic method for preparing a disposal turn-in document (DD Form 1348-1A). The intent of the web-based document is to simplify and improve the turn-in process. It was designed for generators who manually prepare their turn-in documents. .

ETID eliminates the handwritten preparation of the DD Form 1348-1A, making it faster and easier to turn property in to DLA Disposition Services. ETID also pre-populates a large portion of the required information automatically when there is a National Stock Number (NSN) item. Additionally, ETID helps to properly facilitate a valid turn-in and drastically reduces the likelihood of a rejection.

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Who to contact for help:

For questions concerning the ETID website, please contact the DISA Global Service Desk:

  • Toll Free: 844-DISA-HLP (844-347-2457)
  • DSN: 850-0032
  • - Press 5, then speak or enter D-L-A
  • DLA Service Portal (CAC or User ID/Password required)
  • Email:


Functional, Navigational and policy questions: 

The DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) at 1-877-352-2255

email them at, accessible 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.