Schedule a Turn-In

Creating ETIDs for Hazardous Property

The Hazardous Waste Module has migrated from ETID and moved into the new Hazardous Materials Management System (HMMS). ETID will no longer be able to process automatic hazardous waste turn-ins

Users will need to create an account in AMPs and request the new role for HMMS to be able to turn-in hazardous waste. For instructions on creating an AMPs account, click here.

Once users have created an AMPs account, they will need to request the HMMS role, HMMS Prod 1348 Online HWD-010. After this role has been granted, users will be provided with log in information via email for the HMMS site to turn-in Hazardous Waste.

Once the log in information has been provided, users can access HMMS and enter in their information.