Schedule a Turn-In

How Do I Turn-In Property?

Step 1: Identification

Accurately identifying and categorizing property is the most important step in the turn-in process. Property to be turned in can generally fall into three categories:

  • Usable Property - Commercial and military type property other than scrap and waste. Usable property can be any excess/surplus property turned in with a supply condition code of A-H, other than property in DEMIL codes G or P.

  • Scrap Property - Recyclable waste and discarded materials derived from items that have been rendered useless beyond repair, such that the item’s original function has been destroyed.

  • Hazardous Property (HP) - A composite term to describe property which may be hazardous to human health, human safety, or the environment.
  • Note: Acceptance of physical custody of hazardous property shall be determined based upon the guidelines in DOD 4160.21-M, Volume 2 Encl. 3

Property needs to be turned in as individual line items with their assigned, valid National Stock Number (NSN). Several items can be turned in under one line item, however they must be the same NSN.NSNs can usually be located on a serial plate or stamped on property.

WebFLIS provides essential information about supply items including the NSN, the item name, manufacturers and suppliers (including part numbers). Utilizing WebFLIS is invaluable in filling out the turn-in document, the DD Form 1348-1A.

Step 2: Preparation

Preparing for a successful turn-in requires accurate documentation. Different types of property may require different documents to be included with the turn-in. All turn-ins require a standard turn-in document to accompany it, namely the DD Form 1348-1A.

A helpful guide for filling out a DD Form 1348-1A can be located here.

Additionally, customers have the opportunity to complete a turn-in document online. For assistance on how to accomplish this, please view the Electronic Turn-In Documents (ETID) guide here.

Prior to turning in property, ensure you have at a minimum, three copies of each DD Form 1348-1a, with two copies attached on property. Ensure all certifications (i.e. DEMIL, MPPEH, Hard drive, Inert Cert, etc.) are physically attached to property.

Prior to turn-in, items need to be properly palletized. If possible, place property in tri-walls, or ensure that it is properly banded and safe for transportation.

Property needs to be segregated according to each DD Form 1348-1a.

Step 3: Schedule the Turn-In


Customers can be eligible to schedule transportation of their property to the servicing DLA Disposition Services' location, depending on their proximity to a site. Please review the Scheduler instructions for additional information.


Customers are responsible for any required transportation for turn-in to the servicing DLA Disposition Services' location.

Remaining questions can be answered by a local Disposal Service Representative (DSR). Click here to find contact information for your local DSR