Property Disposal Options

              Electronic Turn-In Documents
             Using ETID is easy, saves generating activities and DLA Disposition Services time, reduces errors, and provides electronic DD Form 1348-1a.          

Schedule Property Turn-In

             Provides Turn-In customers a means to schedule an appointment

        Scheduler training:

              Local Scheduler Training

              Non-Local Scheduler Training


3. Special Property Disposal Process

               Because of its peculiar nature and potential influence on public health, safety, the environment, security, or private industry, certain types of property must be disposed of in other than a normal fashion. Refer to this page for additional processing procedures.


4. Good Usable Furniture Handling Procedures

             DLA Disposition Services is a valuable source of supply for furniture and request that you treat your "Good Usable Furniture" turn-in to one of our DLA Disposition Services Sites knowing that your furniture may be reutilized by another unit..


5. DLA Disposition Services Scrap Handling and Site Deliveries or Receipt In Place

              Information on Scrap Handling and Qualified Recycling Program Reimbursements


6. Usable Property Contact Information

              Find a phone number of someone to talk to about your Turn-In

These 6 sub menu options, provide Turn-in information on documentation needed and regulatory guidance, scheduling property turn-ins, how to prepare scrap material for a DLA Disposition Services Site delivery or receipt in place, precious metals program, qualified recycling program reimbursements.


Global support for the U.S. military

DLA Disposition Services has a worldwide presence within DOD, with disposal specialists in 17 foreign countries, two U.S. territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) and 34 states.