Documentation Assistance


DD Form 1348-1A

Use the following to help identify the correct NATIONAL STOCK NUMBER(NSN)


Web FLIS to Locate NSN using Part Number

LSN Master List 
- an Excel workbook containing assigned LSNs

FSC Groups & Classes H2 Handbook (.pdf)
Federal Supply Class (FSC) Codes


For help with these Data elements on DD Form 1348-1a

DEMIL Codes and Definitions
2 Digit Supply & Disposal Condition (.doc) Codes (SCCs)

Federal condition codes for utilization program screening and review purpose.

Disposal Authority Code (.pdf)

Supporting Documentation (Provided when using our ETID Program)
Depending on the type of property being turned in you may be required to have attached certifications

Demil Certificate (.pdf)

Radioactive Certificate (.pdf)

Inert Certificate (.pdf)

Computer Hard Drive Certificate

(DLA Form 2500, Certificate of Hard Drive Disposition (Formerly DLIS Form 1867)) [Please download this file to access the enclosed documents]

Vehicle Technical Inspection

DLA Form 1730 (.pdf) Vehicle Technical Inspection

Per the DoD 4160.21-M Turn-in Customers will provide a LTI (DLA 1730) for the following stock classes 23,24,38,39

Radioactive Materials Tri-fold
Common Radioactive Items Trifold

Helpful guide for determining whether certain items can be turned in to Disposition Services.