Recycling Control Point Information

The RCP concept of "Marketing in Place" offers excess and
surplus property for reuse directly from DLA/ Service Inventor Control Point (ICP).  Property is electronically released from Distribution Centers without being sent to a DLA Disposition Services Site site.

It includes almost all Federal Supply Classes (FSCs), such as:

  • Electrical and Electronic Hardware
  • Industrial parts and supplies
  • Aircraft parts
  • Clothing
  • Textiles
  • Construction materials
  • and much more


Reutilization of RCP Property 

An AMPS account will be required to access the RTD Web.The links below will direct users to the appropriate area to access the system or create a new account.
DLA users will utilize their CAC.  Click here for DLA users. DLA users request the Internal Portal RTD role (JD-854) and/or ETID role (JD-856) PLUS the required RTD & ETID roles. 

DoD users/contractors will utilize their CAC.  Public and Non-DoD users will use a userid and password.  Click here for DoD/Public users. 

RCP Property for sale to the public

RCP Property Demil Codes A, B and Q only which survives the Reutilization process will be available for sale through DLA Disposition Services sales partner (Government Liquidation) which can be accessed by clicking Property for Sale to Public.  

Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Form

If there is a problem with an item received from RCP (for example,
wrong item received, incorrect quantity, item was not requisitioned, etc.), please print, complete and FAX the Supply Discrepancy Report form to the RCP office. The problem will be researched and a shipping discrepancy report with the applicable DLA Depot may be submitted; you will be notified of the response on what to do with the item (please keep the item in your care until you are contacted by the RCP office).