Privacy Act Training

The following training materials are provided for the benefit of DLA's workforce to improve their understanding of the Privacy Act.  DLA's Workforce includes civilian employees, military members, and DLA contractors, This training may also be available on DLA's Learning Management System. 

Course Information

Privacy Act Introduction -- DLA Workforce (PA 101)

Safeguarding Privacy Data -- DLA Workforce (PA 103)

Collecting Personal Data -- DLA Workforce (PA 201)

A Quick Guide for Users of PII -- DLA Workforce

This refresher training is for supervisors and managers:

Privacy Act Refresher for Supervisors and Managers Supervisor and Managers (PA 102)

If you would like to send reminders to your staff or teams about privacy issues and requirements, feel free to use the following reminder messages. 

Reminder 1  Protecting PII is Everybody’s Business! 

Reminder 2  DoD Privacy Rules of Conduct 

Reminder 3  DLA Encryption Policy 

Reminder 4  Collecting and Maintaining Personal Information / PII 

Reminder 5  Privacy Act Statements 

Reminder 6  Replying / Forwarding E-mail Strings 

Reminder 7  Contracts and the DoD Privacy Program 

Reminder 8  PII and Records Management 

Reminder 9  Identity Theft Info -- What is a Fraud Alert and how to activate one? 

Reminder 10  Why Should You Protect Your Personal Information? 

Reminder 11  Privacy Safeguards and Responsibilities Certification  

Reminder 12  Privacy Act “Exceptions” 

Reminder 13  Teleworking and PII 

Reminder 14  Disposing of Paper Records Containing PII