The Defense Logistics Agency Acquisition (J7) Directorate manages the establishment and operations of
procurement policy and oversight for DLA's 5.2 million items managed. With nearly $35 billion in annual
sales, DLA buys, stores and distributes food, fuel, uniform apparel, pharmaceutical, medical and surgical
products and equipment and weapons system repair parts for the military services and other customers

Provide strategic acquisition direction and oversight to enable effective solutions to Warfighters and other
valued customers.

Deliver the right solution on time, every time.

Classes of DLA Supply Chains Supplied Items DLA Major Subordinate Command Support Contracts for Classes of Supplies
Class 1
(Food and Drinking)
DLA Troop Support
Global Contract Support
(EA for Subsistence)
Class 2
Clothing & Equipment
DLA Troop Support
(Clothing and Textiles)
Contract Support
 Class 3
Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants
DLA Energy
Global Contract Support
(EA for Bulk Petroleum)
Class 4
Construction Materiel
DLA Troop Support
Global Contract Support
(EA for Construction & Barrier Materiel)
Class 5
Military Departments
Class 6
Personal Demand Items
DLA Troop Support
Class 7
Major End Items
Military Departments
Class 8
Medical Materiel
DLA Troop Support
Global Contract Support
(EA for Medical Materiel)
Class 9
Repair Parts
DLA Land & Maritime
DLA Aviation
Contract Support
(Common Use Items) 
Disposal / Salvage
DLA Disposition Services
Deployable Support
Service Warehouse / Distribution DLA Distribution Deployable Services
Service National Defense Stockpile  DLA Acquisition (J7) Strategic Materials   
Service DLA Document Services DLA Information Operations (J6)  
Service DLA Transaction Services DLA Information Operations (J6)  
Service  DLA Logistics Information Services DLA Information Operations (J6) Global Support
(EA for Logistics Management Standards)

Contact Information: DLA HQ Battle Captain (571)767-2711  Email: