DLA Strategic Materials

DLA Strategic Materials is the leading U.S. agency for the analysis, planning, procurement and management of materials critical to national security.

Sales Program

The NDS program was established under the Strategic and Critical Materials Stockpiling Act of 1939 to maintain and manage strategic and critical materials for use during times of national emergency


View a list of materials such as Alloys, Metals, Rare Earths, Non-Metals, Ores and Compounds and more in the Materials of Interest. 

I Am The Key

I Am The Key provides DLA Strategic Materials resources for the Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Management System (ESOHMS).


DLA Strategic Materials stores a wide range of commodities at 6 locations in the U.S. Commodities range from base metals such as zinc, cobalt, and chromium to the more precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and iridium.

Material Form

Looking to obtain a material sample, or maybe request an inspection? If so, please use the below link to access the Material Form. Storage Location, Pile, Lot and item are not required, but would be greatly appreciated if known. 

Getting Started

Before you get started working with DLA Strategic Materials here are a few quick tips. For acquisition opportunities, please register on SAM.gov and search using DoDAAC "SP8000."

Recycling Reuse Program

The Strategic Material Recovery and Reuse Program (SMRRP) operates under the Strategic and Critical Material Stock Piling Act. The Act allows recovery of any strategic and critical materials from excess materials made available for recovery purposes by other federal agencies.

Annual Materials Plan

The Annual Material Plan (AMP) sets forth anticipated materials actions within the fiscal year and sets the maximum quantity by material for those possible actions