Domestic PPE Requirements Information Day


Virtual Information Day Slides will be posted following the event.
Please check back for the recording and a copy of all presentation materials

Click here to see the final Agenda for PPE Information Days 14-15 July 2020

Joint  Acquisition Task Force COVID-19 Virtual Information Sessions Advertisement for July 14-15

Overview: On Tuesday, July 14 and Wednesday, July 15, the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), in coordination with interagency partners, will host a virtual information day regarding current and future demand for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Goal: The goal of the PPE Information Day is two-fold: 1) Provide current and potential suppliers of medical and non-medical PPE an understanding of requirements from across multiple sectors of the economy, including the U.S. government, non-medical industry, and medical industry; and 2) facilitate a dialogue between industry and the government regarding how current investments in domestic production may be supported by government and industry's long-term planning for consumption of domestically produced PPE.

Target Audience: Current and potential domestic producers of PPE (end-items as well as sub-tier suppliers of material) and major trade associations and members, representing consumers of PPE.

Location: Virtual event (Zoom webcast, specific details TBD)

Days / Times: Tuesday, July 14 and Wednesday, July 15; times as indicated on the agenda linked above.

Guest Speakers for Virtual Information Day 

 Ms. Stacey A Cummings, PDASD / AE

Major General Cameron Holt, USAF

Mr. Matthew Beebe, Acquisition Director, J7

Ms. Roxanne Banks, SES, Acquisition Deputy Director, J7

Mr Schuyler Eldridge, IV, ASPR, HHS

Mr. Joseph Hamel, ASPR, HHS

Ms. Stacy Cummings
Director, DoD COVID-19
Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF)

Maj Gen Cameron Holt
Deputy Assistant
Secretary of Contracting,
Office of the Assistant
Secretary of the Air Force
for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

Mr. Matthew Beebe
Director, of Acquisition (J7), DLA

Ms. Roxanne Banks
Deputy Director of Acquisition (J7), DLA

Mr. Schuyler Eldridge, IV
 Director, Division of Acquisition,
Assistant Policy and
Program Oversight, HHS
Assistant Secretary for
Preparedness and Response (ASPR)

Mr. Joseph Hamel
Strategic Innovation
& Emerging Technology Manager, HHS, ASPR

Mr. Scott Baum, SES Ms. Kristina O'Brien Mr. Adarryl Roberts Mr. William "Bill" Kenny, SES BrigGen Sanford, USAF Mr. Andrew Centineo

Mr. Scott Baum
Principal Director,
Office if the Deputy
Assistant Secretary of Defense for
Industrial Policy

Ms. Kristina O'Brien
Principal Deputy Director for Logistics, J-4
The Joint Staff,

Mr. Adarryl Roberts
Executive Officer
Information Operations Program

Mr. William Kenny
Executive Director
DLA Troop Support

Brig Gen David Sanford
US Air Force
FEMA Supply Chain
Advisory Group

Mr. Andrew Centineo
Executive Director
Office of Procurement
and Logistics, Veterans
Health Administration

Mr. Matthew Rowan Mr. Jay Timmons Mr. Todd Boppell Mr. Herb Grant    
Mr. Matthew Rowan
President / CEO
Health Industry
Distributors Association
Mr. Jay Timmons
President / CEO
National Associations of Manufactures
Mr. Todd Boppell
Chief Operating Officer

National Association
of Manufactures
Mr. Herb Grant
Creators Respond, National Association
of Manufactures



key product lines

N95 Respirator and Surgical Masks
Screening and Diagnostics
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
​Vaccine Delivery
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies (CRRT)