DLA Troop Support
DSCP supplies and services U.S. service members by providing them food, clothing, textiles, medicines, medical equipment, general and industrial supplies, and supports U.S. humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

Point of Contact Information

Ms. Pamela Gordon
DLA Troop Support
700 Robbins Avenue, Building 36
Voice: 215-737-3283
Fax: 215-737-2151
E-mail: dscpfoiaerequest@dla.mil
For Records Concerning

    Clothing and Textiles
    All Service uniform
    Body armor/field equipment
    Combat uniforms/tents
    Individual chem/bio protective suit

    Construction and Equipment
    Barrier Material
    Equipment (HEPP, Diving, Safety and Rescue, MHE)
    Facilities Maintenance
    Fire and Emergency Services
    Wood Products

    Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
    Laboratory Items
    Medical -- Pharmaceuticals
    MRI Equipment
    Optical Products
    Surgical and Dental Supplies

    Dining Facility Support
    Food Service and Field Feeding Equipment
    Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    Operational Rations (includes Meal, Ready-to-Eat 
    and Unitized Group Rations)