About DLA Office of the Inspector General

The DLA OIG was established by the DLA director to:
  • Conduct Inspector General Investigations in DLA matters where no Defense Criminal Investigative Organization (DCIO) has primary jurisdiction, or has declined investigative authority.
  • Conduct Trade Security Control Assessments and Post Sale Investigations.
  • Maintain records of Inspector General Investigations within DLA.
  • Manage the DLA Enterprise Hotline Program and act as liaison with the Defense Hotline Program.
  • Establish and maintain liaison with DoD, federal, state, local and foreign law enforcement and investigative organizations.
  • Conduct analysis to identify possible criminal patterns and trends.
  • Conduct internal audits in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) to ensure programs are working as designed, financial information meets established criteria, proper internal controls are in place and working, and proper financial stewardship is upheld.
  • Facilitate and monitor audits performed within DLA by external government auditing organizations.
  • Track completion of corrective actions recommended by internal and external audits to ensure deficiencies are corrected.
  • Provide advice to DLA management to improve efficiency, accountability and program effectiveness.
  • Reduce risk by implementing a risk-based internal audit and Crime Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) program.

DLA has a critical mission, supporting the nation’s warfighters. The DLA OIG’s role in that mission is to assist DLA management in making informed decisions to use resources effectively and efficiently, by:

  1. Providing impartial and unbiased findings and recommendations
  2. Facilitating a crime-free work environment for DLA employees and contractors, and
  3. Identifying and mitigating crime conducive conditions and risk
DLA OIG is one of the keys to ensuring economies and efficiencies and mitigating crime conducive conditions and risk in DLA’s processes and that we continue to meet mission requirements.

DLA’s auditors focus on high risk areas and investigators conduct more than criminal investigations in support of the DLA director’s priorities to decrease direct material costs, decrease operating costs, reduce inventory, improve customer service, and achieve audit readiness. Auditors and investigators routinely work together as a team using their complimentary skill sets to find facts and develop recommended solutions to complex issues for management.

The DLA OIG works hard to build and maintain strong relationships and partnerships internally and externally. Our success in this area is evident by the joint efforts we have completed with external investigative and audit organizations. We know our partners and strive to help them through regular information sharing and collaboration to use government resources wisely. Internally, we have processes to share as much information as soon as possible with DLA management. We are involved in various work groups across DLA and provide advisory services to DLA management.

The mission of the DLA Office of the Inspector General is to support DLA readiness by providing DLA leadership with facts and recommendations from executing the five functions of Defense Inspector Generals-teaching and training, assistance, inspections, audits, and investigations-to mitigate agency risk, improve processes, ensure compliance, and optimize resources
Our vision is to be recognized as the consummate oversight organization in the Department of Defense through professionalism, teamwork, high standards, solid process and procedures that strengthen the integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of DLA.
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Pride
  • Teamwork