DLA Transformation

DLA Transformation advises and assists the DLA Director with formulating and executing the Agency’s strategy to meet and sustain logistics support capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Whole of Government partners.  The DLA Transformation Directorate develops the Agency strategic plan, executes governance, manages policy, processes, and improvements, and oversees and conducts special interest initiatives projects for the Director

There are two divisions in DT:

DT-SPG, Strategy Policy and Governance - Transforms DLA’s strategic vision and mission into meaningful initiatives and critical objectives by linking financial, operational, and systemic metrics; developing and managing governance to provide strategic direction; and overseeing the Policy Management program (DT-PM&O).


DT-EPM, Enterprise Process Management - Integrates DLA strategic vision and mission in support of process excellence and enterprise process management; manages innovation program and continuous improvement capabilities to deliver effective, efficient, and measurable outcomes.