DLA Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026

Demand Forecast for Industry

The Defense Logistics Agency historically posts its upcoming demand forecast during the annual Industry Day event (see the 2019 Industry Day page). Due to the pandemic DLA was unable to host that event in 2020 or 2021.

The below link provides DLA's current high-level forecast (as of October 2021) and amplifies information about major subordinate command opportunities to help our industry partners inform their plans for the coming year.

View the DLA Demand Forecast for Industry (PDF)

Supplier Feedback Survey

The 2020 Supplier Feedback Survey was launched to help DLA better understand what factors drive supplier satisfaction. DLA invited more than 8,100 suppliers to participate that had done over $50,000 in business with DLA from August 2018 to July 2020.

Suppliers were asked to evaluate their experience conducting business with DLA from pre-solicitation through delivery and closeout. Specifically, the survey was designed to measure supplier attitudes about:

  • The effectiveness of DLA communications
  • The strength of its relationship with DLA
  • The supplier's growth potential working with DLA
  • The effectiveness of DLA processes

Additional Information and results of the survey are available on the 2020 Supplier Feedback Survey webpage. Questions regarding the survey may be sent to IndustryEngagement@dla.mil.

MSC Forecasts

Other forecasts are provided through events and resources hosted by DLA's major subordinate commands. The following are some of the ways and means the MSCs communicate their plans:

  • DLA Aviation
    • “Mini” Virtual Supplier Conferences
    • Small Business Training (SAR process and Value Engineering Program webinars
    • AbilityOne capability briefings with individual Non-Profit Agencies (NPA)
    • Supplier Relationship Manager engagements with Strategic Suppliers
  • DLA Disposition Services:
    • Web postings and advance notice of forecasts for procurement/public sales opportunities
    • Industry Day/Virtual Industry Day (tentative, third quarter of fiscal 2022)
    • Small Business Training and Outreach
  • DLA Distribution:
    • Business Opportunities Forecast posting January 2022
    • Small Business Outreach/Capabilities Presentation and Engagement with socioeconomic vendor base
    • Virtual Industry Day (tentative June 2023)
  • DLA Energy:
  • DLA Land and Maritime:
    • Supplier Conference (April 2022)
    • DoD sponsored Industry Conferences; Small Business Training
    • Supplier Relationship Manager engagements with Strategic Suppliers
  • DLA Troop Support:

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