2018 DLA Supplier Feedback Survey and overall results

Supplier Feedback Survey graphic listing the four focus areasAs outlined in the DLA Industry Engagement Plan, DLA is placing a new emphasis in its operations by capturing supplier feedback and using responses to drive internal change. 

In September 2018, the DLA Ombudsman Office launched a first-of-its-kind survey to DLA’s suppliers, asking them to evaluate their experience conducting business with DLA from pre-solicitation through delivery and closeout. Specifically, the survey was designed to measure supplier attitudes about:

  • The strength of its relationship with DLA
  • The effectiveness of DLA communications
  • The supplier's growth potential working with DLA
  • The effectiveness of DLA processes

DLA invited nearly 8,000 suppliers to participate and almost 3,000 responded, a 38 percent response rate.

DLA is encouraged by the initial response and values the attention and feedback respondents provided to the survey. Responses provided candid and salient data on what’s working well in DLA’s supplier processes as well as those areas that need an increased focus and improvement. For example, the survey showed that DLA measured above "neutral" (above a "3" in a "1-5" response range) in 16 of 17 attributes with its highest overall score for "trustworthy communications," and its lowest overall score for "innovation." In general, service providers, large businesses, those with more business with DLA and those holding long-term contracts with DLA gave higher scores.

What this means for future supplier engagement

The DLA Supplier Feedback Survey is an important tool in strengthening supplier partnerships, which is key to ensuring a viable defense industrial base, generating innovative and efficient solutions and maintaining secure and resilient supply chains.

Based on the results, DLA is developing action plans at both the enterprise and Major Subordinate Command level that will refine DLA’s contractual practices and organizational behaviors with the ultimate goal of improving DLA processes and responsiveness to its partner suppliers.

DLA will discuss the results at its second DLA Industry Day on July 31, 2019.

2020 DLA Supplier Feedback Survey

DLA looks forward to increased supplier participation in its next survey scheduled for the fall of 2020, as this will yield more substantial data for DLA to act upon and drive better outcomes for those doing business with DLA.

For more information about the survey, please contact the DLA Ombudsman Office at IndustryEngagement@dla.mil.