Due to COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, the Pass & ID Office currently is not accepting appointments through the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler.


911 or 614-692-2111

Dispatch (non-emergency)


Criminal Intelligence

Electronic Security/LENEL

Emergency Management

Key Control

Pass and ID Office (CAC Cards)

Visitor Center

Fire Prevention

Map showing DSCC installation and Columbus Airport

Directions to the Defense Supply Center Columbus
For GPS: Defense Supply Center Columbus is located at 401 N Yearling Avenue, Columbus, OH 43213

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Take Broad Street exit and travel east approximately 4 miles

Right turn on Yearling Road and travel 1/2 mile to

Turn left to Defense Supply Center Main Entrance  

Right into the Visitor Center or Straight through security for CAC and Military ID cardholders and ask security for additional directions

Take Hamilton Road exit and travel south approximately 1 mile, stay in right lane, Defense Supply Center sign guides you to 5th Street

Travel west on 5th Street approximately 1 mile.

Left at Yearling Road (traffic light) and travel approximately 1/2 mile

Right turn to Defense Supply Center Main Entrance

Right into the Visitor Center or Straight through security for CAC and Military ID cardholders and ask security for additional directions

Steltzer Road south to 5th Avenue

Left on 5th Avenue and travel approximately 2 miles to Yearling Road

Right on Yearling Road and travel approximately 1 mile

Right turn to Defense Supply Center Main Entrance

Right into the Visitor Center or Straight through security for CAC and Military ID cardholders and ask security for additional directions



Security Notice

Security and Emergency Services

Security and Emergency Services provides the Defense Supply Center Columbus with security and protection of life, property and environment from natural and manmade hazards, and from criminal or terrorist situations. Security and Emergency Services provides customer focused services as our number one priority and, when called, we will respond with proud and professional, highly trained personnel.

Security and Emergency Services News

Defense Supply Center Columbus to implement enhanced visitor process
The Defense Supply Center Columbus is finalizing an enhanced visitor clearance system that will improve installation security and increase efficiencies for visitors requesting entrance to the installation. This new process will be implemented beginning Aug. 1, 2020.
June 24, 2020 - The Defense Supply Center Columbus is finalizing an enhanced visitor clearance system that will improve installation security and increase efficiencies for visitors requesting entrance to the installation. This new process will be implemented beginning Aug. 1, 2020.

December to bring building access changes
Starting Dec. 1, Defense Supply Center Columbus will move to a one-card-only system for building and room access in response to Defense Department directives. Building-specific LENEL badges will be deactivated and employees must begin using their Common Access Card for access.
Nov. 27, 2019 - On Dec. 1, the Defense Supply Center Columbus will change the way individuals will access buildings. In keeping with Department of Defense directives to move to one card for access, DSCC Security and Emergency Services will be deactivating the LENEL building badges currently being used for building access. After this date, DSCC personnel will use their Common Access Card for building or room access.

Get to Know the ATO
Jared Kocsis joined the Defense Supply Center Columbus team August 4 as the Antiterrorism Officer. August also marks the annual observance for Antiterrorism Awareness Month. Associates receive annual training through the Defense Logistics Agency Learning Management System, encouraged to remain vigilant and are reminded to notify DLA Columbus Information Security, the Antiterrorism Officer as well as check with their chain of command to ensure compliance with the requirements set forth in the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide when traveling abroad.</
Aug. 9, 2019 - DLA Land and Maritime welcomes the new Antiterrorism Officer to DSCC. Jared Kocsis joined the team August 4.


Defense Supply Center Columbus Visitor Information

Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) has a Visitor Control Center and Pass & ID Office co-located in Building 61 at the main entrance. Both are closed on all Federal Holidays

DSCC Commander has directed that the James Road Gate remain closed until the installation reaches Phase 1 of the Reconstitution Plan.
Deliveries can be made at the Main ACP on Yearling Road
The Main ACP will be operational.
Signs will be posted informing drivers

Pass & ID

614-692-3141 (For CAC Appointments call 614-692-3023)
Hours: Monday - Friday 6:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
            Saturday & Sunday Closed

Our Pass & ID office is a civilian operation and provides all ID card and Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) services that are not prohibited by regulation. Generally, any ID card service will require the presentation of two forms of identification. A valid state issued photo ID (driver’s license or ID card), and a social security card, or a birth certificate, or a voter registration card are acceptable.


  • CAC Card Credential Issuance requires 1 days advance notice

Visitor Control Center (VCC)

Hours: Monday - Friday 6:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
            Saturday & Sunday Closed: All visitors will be processed by DSCC Police

All visitors to DSCC that do not possess a Department of Defense (DoD) identification card must be processed through the Visitor Control Center (weekends by DSCC Police) or escorted by a DoD ID card holder.

There are two types of visitors authorized on DSCC, escorted and unescorted.

Escorted visitors must present either a valid state driver's license, state identification card with photo, a valid U.S. passport, or a valid passport from other countries cleared by the State Department. A maximum of five visitors per escort are permitted and they can be in the same vehicle with the person performing escort duty, or in one follow-on vehicle.

Unescorted visitors will be registered in the Defense Biometric Identification System Pre-Enrollment website and the Visitor Notification System. Any CAC or Uniformed Services ID holder can sponsor a visitor for unescorted access.

Unescorted visitors must use the DBIDS pre-enrollment website and enter their information. Link Below.  Each visitor must print or download the confirmation which contains a six-digit number and send a copy of the confirmation to the sponsor and have it in their possession upon entering the installation.

Sponsors will then register the visitors they sponsor by using the VNS enrollment module (CAC-enabled).

Visitors must present a valid state photo ID at time of entry. After verifying that the visitor is sponsored and a police records check is favorably completed, the visitor will be issued a DBIDS visitor pass. This pass is to be retained by the visitor at all time while on DSCC. At the end of your visit, you may destroy the visitor pass. It is not necessary to return it to VCC.

DBIDS Pre-enrollment site: https://dbids-global-enroll.dmdc.mil/preenrollui/#!/

New Visitor Enrollment site (CAC-enabled):  https://today.dla.mil/Columbus/visitornotice/Lists/Visitor%20Notifications/NewForm.aspx?


What we do

The DLA Police Mission is to provide a first line of defense against acts of terrorism, espionage and crime utilizing a highly motivated and trained police force of officers and leaders. We are committed to providing around the clock Force Protection, Antiterrorism Measures and Law Enforcement as well equally customer support to associates and staff of Defense Supply Center, Columbus.

Statement of Values

  • Pride: We will maintain self-respect in our appearance and job performance as a DLA Police Officer. We will strive to be the best we can be and remember the fundamental responsibility of the police is provision of quality services.
  • Professional: We shall always engage in behavior that is beyond ethical reproach and reflects the integrity of our police officers. We will treat all those we serve in a compassionate, sensitive, courteous and professional manner, regardless of sex, race, or lifestyle.
  • Proficient: We will remain proficient in our skills, knowledge and abilities as a DLA Police Officer. We will strive to improve our working environment and stay committed to providing a quality of support to the installation associates and staff in a manner that demonstrates genuine concern.

Core Functions

The two main core functions of the DLA Police are Force Protection and Security Operations, which include:

  • Protect life and property.
  • Defend against acts of terrorism, espionage and crime.
  • Promote compliance with and ensure Federal laws, applicable State laws, and Department of Defense regulations and orders are observed.
  • Installation access control.
  • Perform regular patrols of the installation.
  • Antiterrorism and crime prevention.
  • Respond to alarms and other indications of suspicious activity.
  • Investigate minor criminal offenses and/or secure crime or incident scenes.
  • First responder to all types of emergencies, terrorist incidents, or volatile situations.
  • Ensure traffic laws and regulations are observed.
  • Law Enforcement

Leadership Commitment

Provide and execute customer focused Installations Security and Emergency Services support that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Read more about DLA Police at the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

We are a “DLA Team” of trained, equipped and caring individuals that helps citizens in their time of need. This may result from sudden illness, injury, accidents, fires, hazardous material incidents and natural or man-made disasters or other circumstances that cause suffering.


Mission:  A model of distinction in providing fire protection, advanced and basic life support emergency medical services, life safety fire prevention programs and related emergency services, locally, regionally, and nationally.


Values:  A division that promotes an environment of trust, participation, innovation, creativity and accountability that is responsive to the needs and concerns of the customers and communities we serve.


Goals:  Cultivating our employees, equipping them to be present or future fire service leaders. Continue to build teamwork relationships that increase the quality of fire and life safety services in our area, avoiding costly duplication of services, programs, and equipment by incorporating the finest obtainable technology to accomplish the missions, with current resource availability.


For services or additional information, contact the Fire Prevention Office at 614-692-2921.

  • Fire Prevention Training requires 30 days advance notice
  • Hot Work and Hydrant Permits requires 1 day advance notice


Read more about DLA Columbus Fire and Emergency Services at the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

Antiterrorism l CBRNE l Criminal Intelligence l DispatchEmergency Management l Physical Security


Chief, Security & Emergency Services

Dedicated chief whose responsibilities are to provide leadership to world-class fire/EMS, law enforcement and security operations to DSCC and the community that we serve.

Operations Branch Chief, Security & Emergency Services

Provides leadership to the Security Operations Branch as well as leadership to the division in the absence of the chief. The Security Operations Branch consists of

Emergency Management

Emergency Management is responsible for the installation emergency management plan and all-hazard response plans to ensure the installation is prepared for all-hazard emergencies, responds appropriately to protect personnel, save lives, protect property and other installation assets as well as to restore operations after an emergency. Exercises are conducted to ensure standard operating procedures and policies are current and relevant, communication systems are functional and adequate, and installation emergency personnel can properly respond during an actual emergency.


For services or additional information, contact the Emergency Management Office at 614-692-9578.

  • Emergency Preparedness requires 30 days advance notice
  • AtHoc Training (Non-DLA Tenants AtHoc POCs) requires 15 days advance notice
  • EAP Completion Assistance requires 15 days advance notice

Physical Security

This division includes the Antiterrorism Officer and Physical Security Specialist that provide program management to the many components of the DSCC security operation which protects the government employees that work on the installation, including antiterrorism and force protection measures, access control and physical security measures.



For services or additional information, contact the Antiterrorism Office at 614-692-9011.

  • Active Shooter Training requires 60 days advance notice
  • Foreign Travel requires 30 days advance notice

Electronic Security/LENEL

For assistance with Electronic Security or LENEL contact 614-692-1733.

Key Control

For assistance with Key Control contact 614-692-1701.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosive

CBRNE provides installation policy update recommendations to DSCC leadership, performs CBRNE assessments, plan and standard operation procedure development, and Emergency Responder hazardous material and detector training.

Criminal Intelligence

Criminal Intelligence analyst aids law enforcement and force protection objectives by gathering information from various sources to provide criminal intelligence on the existence, identities and capabilities of criminal suspects and organizations. The analyst collects, analyzes, produces, and disseminates criminal intelligence information concerning potential threats and indicators of criminal activity with a potential to impact DSCC personnel, operations or the installation.


For services or additional information, contact the Criminal Intelligence Office at 614-692-9226.

Emergency Services Control Center

The installation maintains an ESCC also know as the dispatch center.  The ESCC is dedicated to protecting the quality of life within the work environment at the Defense Logistics Agency - Columbus by enhancing public safety through cooperative interaction with the civilian and military agencies on center.  The ESCC provides a vital link between the needs of the population and the resources within the Security and Emergency Services Division during emergency and non-emergency events.