About DSCC

The DSCC installation operated by DLA Land and Maritime and DLA Installation Support Columbus leverages the resources of state, federal and defense organizations such as the Ohio National Guard, the Veterans Administration Clinic, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, which are collocated on or near the site. DSCC installation activities focuses on sustained and timely warfighter support, strategic engagement and workforce development to provide supply chain logistics excellence.

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About DLA Land and Maritime

DLA Land and Maritime located on Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) is the headquarters for DLA’s Land and Maritime Supply Chains with over 2,500 employees in 37 locations around the world. It manages 1.9 million items, and supports more than 15,000 customers throughout the military services, civil agencies and other DoD organizations. DLA Land and Maritime awards over 660,000 contracts annually, supports more than 2,000 weapon systems, and handles more than 9 million orders annually, with more than $4 billion in sales in FY21.

Land and Maritime was the first Inventory Control Point (ICP) in DLA to develop a weapon systems approach toward materiel management. Weapon systems management is now standard procedure in DLA, and Land and Maritime is the Lead ICP for Land, Maritime and Missile weapons systems. DLA Land and Maritime’s mission is to provide worldwide logistical support to its customers - the Military Services. Land and Maritime directly supports Navy Surface and Subsurface, and Army and Marine Corps customers through dedicated customer relations while working with numerous suppliers to fulfill requirements for assigned stock classes across the DoD. Furthermore, DLA Land and Maritime provides logistical services directly to Navy shipyards and Army/USMC industrial sites.

DLA Land and Maritime continues to demonstrate its enviable operational capability as it pushed its myriad performance benchmarks even higher relative to other DLA field activities. While incorporating the new strategic guidance from the DLA Director, Land and Maritime’s performance metrics validated the organization’s total commitment to its warfighter support mission. The successful accomplishment of this mission requires a well-trained, diverse workforce and a professional culture that supports high expectations.

The dla land and maritime way

We provide Warfighter Logistics Excellence through Accountability, Teamwork, Urgency, Agility, and Innovation built upon a Commitment to Integrity, Diversity, and Mutual Trust and Respect.


Deliver readiness and lethality to the Warfighter Always and support our Nation through quality, proactive global logistics.


As the Nation’s Combat Logistics Support Agency and valued partner, we are innovative, adaptable, agile, and accountable – focused on the Warfighter Always.

core values
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Technical Knowledge through Dedication to Duty
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Honor
  • Courage
  • Loyalty

Kristen B. Fabry RDML
SC, U.S. Navy Commander, DLA Land and Maritime

Kenneth D. Watson (SES)
Deputy Commander, DLA Land and Maritime

Mark. A. Brown (SES)
Acquisition Executive, DLA Land and Maritime

Air Force Col. Christopher Tooman
Chief of Staff, DLA Land and Maritime