Transformation Products

DLA Transformation offers the following publicly accessible documents and policies.

For missions and offices not represented here, please consult the DLA Transformation homepage and the Common Access Card-restricted resources there, or contact the main DLA Transformation office.

DLA Forms

This is an image featuring a computer connected to a monitor. The monitor is connected a DLA logo. The logo is connected to gears. The gears are then connected to a laptop. The laptop is connected to a phone. The phone is connected to a tablet.

Agency forms will satisfy a valid need and be properly designed using plain language and standardized data for easy collection, processing, analysis, and retrieval of information. 

Policy and Procedures

To obtain information regarding DLA published issuances, please note the following options:

For Common Access Card (CAC) holders, visit the Internal DLA Issuance website   for assistance.

For non-CAC holders, please refer to the offices below with policy requests. Please identify title, issuance number, and any other information to locate documents. If you don't know which office your request may fall under, refer to Organizational summary page or reference the office links below.

Email Address
Telephone Number

DLA Published Issuances

Human Resources
Logistics Operations
Information Operations
Joint Reserve Force
Installation Management
Small Business
General Counsel
Inspector General
Legislative Affairs
Public Affairs
Equal Employment Opportunity
DLA Land and Maritime
DLA Troop Support
DLA Aviation
DLA Energy
DLA Disposition Services
DLA Distribution


If you can't find an issuance or reach a contact from an office above, please contact Michael Dingle, and  (571) 767-5122.