Navy mechanics work on a MH-60R Seahawk helicopter

Industrial Hardware support programs
The Industrial Hardware supply chain manages more than 900,000 items: screws, nuts, bolts, studs, washers, nails, pins, o-rings, clamps and other items typically referred to as "bench stock" or repair parts. 

Traditional Acquisition (Bench stock) Items ranging from screws and fasteners to packing and gasket materials. The following federal supply classes are included: 
• 5305 screws 
• 5306 bolts 
• 5307 studs 
• 5310 nuts and washers 
• 5315 nails, keys and pins 
• 5320 rivets 
• 5325 fasteners 
• 5330 packing and gasket materials 
• 5331 o-rings 
• 5340 miscellaneous hardware (brackets and DoD Lock Program) 
• 5355 knobs & pointers 
• 5360 springs 
• 53GP hardware & abrasives 

For supply questions, call 215-737-5188, or DSN 444-5188. 


Industrial Product Support Vendor (IPV)
Point-of-Sale procurement which fills bins at various customer locations so items are available for customers when needed. These items are used in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of weapons systems at weapons systems at shops at major DOD maintenance depots. Beyond offering surge and sustainment capability, IPV provides improved performance-based logistics support at a cost in line with the traditional supply system with reduced inventory, response time, and infrastructure.

For Air Force IPV, contact 215-737-5188 or DSN 444-5188
For Navy IPV, contact 215-737-5189 or DSN 444-5189
For Army IPV, contact 215-737-8787, or DSN 444-8787

Strategic Sourcing Programs – Fasteners
A vendor to customer direct delivery contract in which vendors are responsible for stocking and delivering items to customers.
For more information, contact 215-737-8326 or DSN 444-8326.