Quality Assurance Provisions


Use PDREP to find the status of a PQDR

DLA customers may check PQDR status using NAVSEA's Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP), which is queried using a web-based interface. You will be required to apply for User Access from the PDREP Home Page.  Log-in to PDREP using the account that NLSC Portsmouth gives you; after PDREP opens, select the "PQDR Search" link which is towards the bottom on the left side menu. You will first be prompted to search by the RCN number; if you don't know it, select "NIIN/Contract Search". From that screen you can search by vendor CAGE, NIIN, Contract #, or even Part Number. Note the default date range is the last three years; you may have to change the beginning date if your PQDR still isn't found. DLA Vendors may also apply for PDREP access to see their own information only; see the PDREP homepage for application requirements and instructions.

Qualified Suppliers List (QSLM/QSLD)

Certain competitive items in the commodities of classes 3 and 2 threaded fasteners, rivets, rope, quick release pins, and bulk metals require sources to be approved under the QSLM/QSLD Program.  Government Source Inspection (GSI) and Product Verification Testing (PVT) are typically waived for such contracts.  Email the DLA Troop Support QSL Team for more information.

Qualified Products List (QPL's)

QPL's are issued to approve tested sources for families of products when required by the commodity specification. For more information, email Trp Spt Specs & Stds PA.

First Article Testing (FAT)

FAT is conducted on a limited quantity prior to full production.  Results must be accepted by the Government
before the contractor can proceed.

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