MRE, Components, Spreads CID & PKGQAP

SPE3S1-16-R-0010/ SPE3S1-17-R-0001

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CID Date QAPKG Date Description
A-A-20078D 11-SEP-15 A-A-20078C 25-SEP-09
w/change 01,
Jelly, Fruit
A-A-20079D 11-SEP-15 A-A-20079C 25-SEP-09
w/change 01,
Preserves, (or Jams) Fruit
A-A-20124E 15-MAR-17 A-A-20124D 14-SEP-09 Syrup (Not including Maple Syrup)
A-A-20140E 03-MAY-17 A-A-20140D 27-JUL-12 Mayonnaise, Salad, Dressing, and Tartar Sauce
A-A-20328B 29-SEP-11,
A-A-20328B 24-NOV-15 Nut Butters and Nut Spreads
A-A-20335B 21-NOV-12 A-A-20335B 25-JUL-13 Barbecue Sauce