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  • Memo - Request for Specification Changes to D-2 Labeling of Overwrapped MRE Components (ES05-144)
CID Date QAPKG Date Description
A-A-20043D 25-OCT-17 A-A-20043D 19-JUL-17 Creamer, Non-Dairy
A-A-20098F 24-NOV-15 A-A-20098E 25-JUL-14 Beverage Bases (Powdered)
A-A-20189C 03-AUG-12 A-A-20189C 27-MAY-15,
w/change 01,
Cocoa Beverage Powder
A-A-20336B 16-MAY-13,
w/changes thru,
A-A-20336B 25-JUL-14 Drink Mixes, Coffee (Unflavored & Flavored)