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Applications | Jan. 12, 2022

FED LOG® - Federal Logistics Data

After logging into PIEE, FedMall users will log into the SSO portal by selecting the FedMall icon. Once you are signed into FedMall the “FED LOG® Downloads” link can be found under the “Tools” menu. 

FED LOG® Information

Photo By: A3L- Terrance Russell
VIRIN: 220216-D-D0441-8027
FED LOG® was historically a CD-ROM or DVD tool to retrieve management, part/reference number, supplier, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), freight, Interchangeability and Substitutability (I&S) and characteristics information recorded against National Stock Numbers (NSN). FED LOG® also provides service unique data for additional search capabilities.  Over the past several years most FED LOG® users have transitioned to the download files available through FedMall (link provided above) or the Air Force Portal.  New users should plan to access FED LOG® through the downloads. The DVDs are no longer available

FED LOG® provides users the ability to access Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data during instances when internet connectivity is non-available. FED LOG® provides essential information about items of supply to include the National Stock Number (NSN), the Approved and Non Approved Item Name, Manufacturers and Distributors information (to include Part Numbers), Freight Data, Hazardous Materiel Indicators, Interchangeable and Substitutable data, Acquisition Advice Code (AAC) and Unit Price, Physical and Performance Characteristics along with service specific management data.

Accessing FED LOG®

FED LOG® is available for download within FedMall. Contact the FED LOG® team at for questions.

  1. Log into PIEE and Select FedMall.

  2. Select the FED LOG® download from the “Tools” tab.

Already have Current FED LOG®? For monthly updates select the Delta Updates button.

Using FED LOG®

Users have the ability to enter data (e.g., NSN, NIIN, Part Number, and CAGE Code) into a single search bar. This function provides output data to assist in the logistician’s research. The filter feature allows users to select service specific management data elements.

Please open and search in the FED LOG® application. The search bar on this page does not search FED LOG®.

FED LOG® has a scroll format used to navigate the data. This makes FED LOG® compatible with a multitude of platforms, as it is scalable to the screen size for the user.

FED LOG® Training


  • Access training calendar here FED LOG® Microsoft Teams link    (Non-DLA Web Site) (CAC or User I.D./Password Required) into your web browser.
  • Audio is done via conference line. The number and access code will be given out when the webinar starts in the chat dialogue. 
  • Course Director:  Don Green

It is not necessary to pre-register for these webinars.

A Web Conference, or webinar, provides live interactive communication which can be perfect for training. Feedback between students and the instructor is live and in real-time. While students and the instructor are not able to see one another, the instructor can share actual application screens that can be viewed locally by the students. Currently, audio communication is handled via telephone. The only requirements are a computer with connection to the World Wide Web (a broadband connection is preferable but not required) and a telephone.

Webinars can be highly customized events. The course and course time can be tailored to meet the needs of students. The students can participate from their desks, eliminating the need to book a classroom or travel.

Distributed Learning no longer uses the Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) tool to host webinars. The current platform is Microsoft Teams. Access to the training calendar can be found here Microsoft Teams Training Calendar  (Non-DLA Web Site)(CAC or User I.D./Password Required).

Note: All webinars are CAC enabled; ensure that the Email certificate is selected. To attend a scheduled webinar, simply double click the desired date/time and subject within the Training Calendar    (CAC or User I.D./Password Required) for the webinar you would like to attend. Click the Web Link hyperlink at the bottom of the pop-up window and it will take you to the DCS page to attend the webinar. Once logged into DCS, the instructor for the designated course will provide the call-in number for the conference audio line. All webinar times are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Classroom Training

Access to classroom Training    (CAC or a user I.D. and Password Required)

Computer Based Training (CBT)

The following is a list of Computer-Based Training (CBT) programs available by request    (CAC or User I.D./Password Required) on CD-ROM.

Note: Some of these courses are also available as Web-Based Training (WBT).

Computer-Based Training CDs:

  • Compact Disc Users Course (CDUC)
  • Creating Section 508 Compliant Web Content
  • DD Form 1685
  • Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Edits and Rejects
  • FED LOG®
  • Hazardous Material Information Resource System (HMIRS)
  • Hazardous Material Information Resource System (HMIRS) WEB
  • Interactive Government/Industry Reference Data Edit and Review (iGIRDER)
  • Interchangeability & Substitutability (I&S)
  • Introduction to Logistics Information (ILI)
  • Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS)

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If you are familiar with FED LOG® and the downloadable version, please take the time to fill out an online survey

Frequently Asked Question

  • Modern 64-bit interface
  • Single line query
  • Ranked searching
  • Favorites and recent searches
  • One-click spreadsheet export
  • Visual filtering
  • Representative Query group icons
  • Simplified batch search capability
  • 12-month historical data

  • Search for an item based on key characteristic attributes
  • Obtain management data for procurement, requisition, storage, logistical, and management decision usage
  • Determine freight standards
  • Cross-reference part numbers and stock numbers
  • Create batch searches and run large amounts of data
  • Customize data to meet specific requirements
  • Identify manufactures and distributors
  • Obtain service-unique logistic information

  • Logisticians
  • Engineering Support Activities
  • Provisioners
  • Procurement and Contracting Personnel
  • Supply and Maintenance Personnel
  • Distribution Personnel
  • Storage and Transportation Personnel
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Disposal Personnel

Assistance and Contact Information

Customer Interaction Center

The DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is your “One Call Resolution” point of contact for all logistics issues related to DLA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including government holidays.


For PIEE Registration / Login issues, contact the PIEE Help Desk or call 1-866-618-5988

For FED LOG® Training

Scheduling Program Manager

Training Office Fax Line