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Applications | Feb. 3, 2022

HMIRS NextGen- Hazardous Materials Information Resource System Next Generation

Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS) Next Generation (NextGen) Information

Hazardous Materials Information Resource logo
Hazardous Materials Information Resource
Hazardous Materials Information Resource logo
Hazardous Materials Information Resource
Hazardous Materials Information Resource logo
Photo By: A3L- Terrance Russell
VIRIN: 220216-D-D0441-8024
The Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS) Next Generation (NextGen) is a Department of Defense automated system developed and maintained by DLA. HMIRS NextGen is the authoritative source for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the United States Government military services and civil agencies, per DODI 6050.05. It also contains Government unique value-added information input by the service/agency focal points. This value-added data includes HAZCOM warning labels and transportation information. The system assists federal government personnel who handle, store, transport, use, or dispose of hazardous materials.

Image of HMIRS Screenshot
HMIRS Screenshot
Image of HMIRS Screenshot
HMIRS Screenshot
HMIRS Screenshot
Photo By: A3L- Terrance Russell
VIRIN: 220412-D-D0441-8010

  • Is the central repository for information on hazardous materials used by the Department of Defense (DOD)

  • Was implemented in 2002 as a replacement to the Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS), so it contains data from January 1985 forward

  • Is an automated system that contains:

    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as of June 1, 2015

    • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

    • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labels

    • Product Records

    • Government unique value-added data comprising:

      • Transportation data

      • Logistics data

      • Hazard Characteristic Code (HCC)

      • the ability to create an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant GHS label

The DODI 6050.05 provides instruction for the United States (U.S.) Government and civil agencies to maintain product hazard information on hazardous materials that are procured and to maintain the documents indefinitely. Currently, there are more than 500,000 records in HMIRS.

Obtaining Access

Accounts are handled via the DLA Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS). Other methods of applications will no longer be accepted. Follow these steps to obtain access. For more information about AMPS, FAQs and assistance, visit the AMPS information page.

  1. Open the AMPS application. A Personal Identity Verification certificate is required for access.

  2. Read the "AMPS User Guide" document and apply for an AMPS account. This document in the User Guides and Job Aids will guide you through the process in obtaining an AMPS account. If you already have an AMPS account, please proceed to step 3.

  3. Read the "Complete and Submit a Role Request" document and apply for a role. This document will guide you through the process in requesting a role. For Step 10 of the AMPS User Role Request, enter the application name and select Search.

  4. Selecting the Correct Account. The 'HMIRS Web PROD Non-Proprietary 001' is the role you should request unless you have been directed to request another. If you select a role that you are not authorized, your requested will be denied. 

  5. Per DLA policy, All inactive accounts over 30 days old are automatically disabled. All inactive accounts over 45 days old are automatically deleted.

Note: User registrations and user role requests will need to be approved by your Supervisor and Security Officer. At any time, you may open AMPS to view your HMIRS registration status. At every approval stage you will be sent an email notification. Please keep in mind that each stage has up to 20 days to approve, and if not approved within 20 days they are automatically dropped from the system and the user must start all over. You can accelerate your request by communicating with your Supervisor and Security Officer to be expecting your request. This process is external to DLA, and we have no control over it. Once your request is approved, it will be evaluated by the data owner. At that time, you will get an email stating that your account is provisioned. Shortly after, you will receive a welcome email with the required information to access HMIRS NextGen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CAC registration is ONLY for registered users who have requested Proprietary access. For users who have requested a Non-proprietary WEB only account, you cannot register your CAC for access; you need only to input the User ID that was provided to you upon completion of the registration process. User must also have a PIV certificate to log into an account.
Yes, there is on-line help available once you are in the HMIRS application; just click on the Help option located at the top of the page.
HMIRS is a multi-faceted system that consists of three applications to meet the diverse needs of our users.

  • Online Web Application - used by government worksites such as warehouses, shipping locations and emergency response locations, to access electronic hazardous material documents.
  • Online Administrator Application - used by system administrators to maintain key online information.
  • Offline Data Download - HMIRS NextGen provides an option for administrators to download the Product/SDS data for offline use. Administrators can upload the list of NIIN's/LIIN’s or Serial Numbers into HMIRS NextGen and generate a High Tech and/or Low-Tech folder with product information for offline use. Additional information can be found by accessing our Offline Data Download PDF
HMIRS contains information on over 380,000 hazardous products. In addition, we offer MSDSs in foreign languages. There are 680 foreign language documents available in Dutch, French, German, Turkish, and Japanese. HMIRS is the authoritative source for the government's hazardous material information. For more information about HMIRS, please contact our Program Management Office (PMO):

Assistance and Contact Information

Contact for questions or additional interest in HMIRS.

Services and Agency Points of Contact

Agency and Address Contact Information

AIR FORCE Safety and Health
2510 Fifth St, BLDG 840
Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433

DSN:   798-3400
COMM:   (937) 938-3764

AIR FORCE Transportation
4375 Chidlaw Rd
Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433-554

DSN:   787-4503
COMM:   (937) 257-4503

Army National Guard Transportation
Chief, USAMC Logistic Support Activity Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center
AMXLS-AT 11 Hap Arnold Blvd
Tobyhanna, PA 18466-509

DSN:  795-7763
DSN:   795-7144
DSN:   795-7175
COMM:   (570) 615-7763
COMM:   (570) 615-7144
COMM:   (570) 615-7175

Army National Guard Safety and Health
Commander U.S. Army Public Health Command
Attn:MCHB-IP-OIM Aberdeen Proving Ground
Baltimore, MD 21010-5403

DSN:   584-5470
DSN:   584-8795
COMM:   (410) 436-5470
COMM:   (410) 436-8795

DLA Aviation
ATTN: VBA 8000 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Richmond, VA 23297-5685

DSN:   695-4908
COMM:   (804) 279-4908
COMM:   (804) 279-4149

Navy and Marine Corps Safety and Health
Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center
620 John Paul Jones Circle, Suite 1100
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2103

DSN:   377-0722
COMM:   (757) 953-0722
FAX:   (757) 953-1252
Navy Transportation
Naval Transportation Support Center
Weapon Systems Support (WSS)
Code N3 Transportation & Distribution
1837 Morris Street, Bldg. Z-133
Suite 600, Naval Station
Norfolk, VA. 23511
DSN:   646-5462
COMM:   (757) 443-5462
COMM:   (757) 443-5438
Navy Logistics
5450 Carlisle Pike
P.O. Box 2050
Mechanicsburg, PA. 17055
DSN:   430-1560
COMM:   (717) 605-1560
USCG Safety and Health
US Department of Homeland Security
Attn: Safety and Environmental Health
US Coast Guard Stop
7907 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20593-7907
COMM:   (202) 475-5214
COMM:   (202) 372-8467
USCG Transportation
US Coast Guard Surface
Forces Logistics Center(SFLC) Traffic Manager
2401 Hawkins Point Road - Building 88
Baltimore, MD 21226
COMM:   (410) 762-6927
COMM:   (410) 762-6932
Attn: Joe Abdeljawad
1800 F St., Room G300
Washington, DC 20405
COMM:   COMM: (703) 605-2566
HMIRS Program Management Office
Program Manager
Logistics Information Services LDA
74 Washington Ave N
Battle Creek, MI 49037
DSN:   661-5990
DSN:   661-4008
COMM:   (269) 961-5990
HMIRS Functional Management Office
Functional Manager
DLA Aviation
Attn: VBB
8000 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Richmond, VA 23297-5607
DSN:   695-5878
COMM:   (804) 279-5878