Interactive Government & Industry Data Edit & Review (iGIRDER)


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Established in 1979, the Government & Industry Data Edit & Review (GIRDER) Program:

  • offers industry a link to the Federal Catalog System (FCS) in support of Department of Defense (DOD) and Civil Agency supply chain requirements

  • in cooperation with Government vendors and manufacturers, has facilitated over four million corrections and/or verifications to product information contained in the Federal Catalog

  • is an effective tool in controlling National Stock Number (NSN) proliferation between the military services and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

This interactive GIRDER (iGIRDER) application:

  • provides government contractors, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers the ability to review and/or update product information used by Federal and Civil activities

  • will accept both government and commercial reference data

  • is optional.

    Contact us if you prefer not to register for iGIRDER and would like an extract of your items of supply sent to you. Please include your Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code with your request.

Contact us for questions or additional interest in iGIRDER.