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The Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) Application is the Department of Defense's Defense Agencies' goal to integrate and modernize the financial management system. It leverages financial management integration and improvement processes by streamlining financial management capabilities, eliminating material weaknesses, and achieving financial statement auditability for the Agencies and field activities across the DoD. The DAI implementation approach deploys a standardized system solution that effectively addresses the requirements depicted in such tools as the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act (FFMIA) and the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), while leveraging the out-of-the-box capabilities of the selected Commercial Off-the-Shelf product. It is compliant with SFIS and USSGL.

Capitalizing on the business acumen of twenty-eight Defense Agencies and/or Field Activities, DAI is implementing a compliant business solution with common business processes and data standards for the following business functions within budget execution requirements: procure to pay; order to fulfill; acquire to retire; budget to report; cost accounting; grants accounting; time and attendance; and re-sales accounting.

Each Defense Agency is committed to leveraging its resources and talents to build an integrated system that supports standardized processes and proves that the DoD is capable of using a single architecture and foundation to support multiple, diverse components.