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DLA Energy News

News | Aug. 16, 2018

Who ya gonna call? HVAC!

By Senior Airman Kelsey Tucker 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

With temperatures reaching record-breaking highs this summer, it’s no surprise that the number one thing on most minds is a cool place to rest and relax when work is done.

Unfortunately, due to a variety of problems ranging from mechanical failures to aging equipment, that dream may not always be a reality for those living on base.

That’s when the Airmen of the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron heating, ventilating and air conditioning shop step in to save the day by ensuring the functionality of the HVAC systems for the 1,100 facilities on base, including those in the dorms and on-base housing.

Though the relief it brings to Osan residents is a high priority, fixing those systems is not always a glamorous job.

“The HVAC Airmen are out there in 100-110 degree weather trying to make sure people stay comfortable so that they can continue their mission,” said Master Sgt. Michael Holmes, 51st CES infrastructure superintendent. “They had to work weekends and long hours, 12 to 16 hour shifts out in the sun, trying to make sure everybody’s good to go.”

Since the beginning of May, the Airmen have knocked out an impressive 1,200 work orders between 42 assigned members, 720 of which have taken place within the last three weeks alone.

Open jobs are tracked by percentages based on emergency and high priority work orders. At the height of the summer, four of the 37 active dorms on base reached around 15-16 percent. Now, the highest is at roughly three percent.

“The workload is a lot more demanding here, but it’s good because there are a lot more opportunities for learning,” said Senior Airman Frank Galambos, 51st CES HVAC journeyman. “I love that it’s always something new every day, and that I can see the direct result of my success.”

If you are experiencing issues with the HVAC system in your residence, reach out to your assigned Airman Dorm Leader or the housing office to coordinate a work order through 51st CES.

Editor's note: The original story can be viewed on the Osan Air Base website.