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News | Aug. 2, 2017

Document Services supports high-profile White House, shipboard events

By Amber McSherry, DLA Information Operations

Information Operations’ Document Services provides printing support not just for the Defense Logistics Agency but for the entire Defense Department and the White House. The Document Services White House facility was called on to support President Donald Trump’s “Made in America” event at the White House July 17-21, highlighting U.S. manufacturing by bringing in American businesses and products.

The Document Services White House team printed and mounted table and lawn signs for the event. Companies from across the country were represented at the event, which showcased a large variety of products such as trucks, machinery, leather goods, wine, and steaks.

“We can all be proud of events like this at the White House,” said Nansi Malesic, of the Document Services White House facility. “We get to be a part of something special. This print job was exciting and fun … Seeing my home state sign for Utah had me grinning from ear to ear.”

Topping off “Made in America” week was the commissioning ceremony for the USS Gerald R. Ford in Norfolk, Virginia, July 22. The supercarrier is America’s biggest and most advanced warship, constructed in the United States from American steel. About 10,000 people attended, including the president.

Document Services Norfolk employees produced large signs and poster boards that were placed throughout the Ford. The boards were set up to show guests what the various spaces of the ship, such as the crew lounge, library, coffee shop, chapel, etc., will look like when complete. The employees also produced over 500 item tags for the event.

“I really enjoy all of the work that we do to support our military personnel,” said Theresa Nagel, an employee at the Document Services Norfolk facility. “I take great pride in providing the best quality products that allow our customers to accomplish their mission, whether that means making their events look professional or giving them training materials to get information across to others.”

Document Services provides printing support for programs, signs, training materials, manuals, certificates, maps, decals and more.