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News | Feb. 2, 2018

Commentary: Hang’s impact endures as retirement approaches

By David Bloomer DLA Land Supervisory Contract Specialist

On February 26, “Mighty Land” will say goodbye to Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Army Col. Yee Hang, director of Land Supplier Operations.

For me personally, as a person who’s worked for the Colonel for the past several years, I can tell you that he’s always made me feel as though I was working with him, not for him. He’s always treated everyone with respect, no matter what position you held in Land. A rare talent indeed.

And as we bid him farewell, I’d like to share insights I’ve gained under his leadership.

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Hang’s story began long, long ago in 1976, when his family fled from Laos to America. The Hang family was motivated like all immigrants who have come to America; they were looking for a better life, more opportunities and more freedom. After arriving in America, Hang grew up in the small town of Richville, Michigan. He joined the Army in 1991 with the plan of staying five years.

Looking back over his career 27 years later, Hang has served in many assignments around the world. His career led him to Korea, Germany, Bosnia, Iraq, and Kuwait, as well as many locations in the U.S. He’s been assigned to DLA Land twice; once as a Division Chief of Wheeled Vehicles, and most recently as Land’s Director. Hang said he enjoyed both times, but felt his stint as a Division Chief was more hands-on.

Though Hang discussed many subject areas tackled during his tenure, he was adamant about his most significant experience. He said his greatest personal accomplishment has been raising his children with his wife Kindra.


Land achieved 90 percent material availability for six months; a feat Land had never achieved before. Land also exceeded its Combined Federal Campaign goal twice.


  • Calm and even-tempered leaders are more effective than those who lose their cool, yell and scream at their subordinates.
  • Take care of those who you lead and they will take care of you.
  • Build relationships with people you lead.
  • Treat others as you would want to be treated.


  • Be proud of what you do. The warfighter in the field is counting on you. Our nation is counting on you.
  • Remember DLA’s core values – Leadership, Professionalism, and Technical knowledge through dedication to duty, Integrity, Ethics, Honor, Courage, and Loyalty.

As many of us at Mighty Land know, Hang is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Hang has joined a bicycling group, and after his retirement, they’re planning on riding across America. The ride will take them from the coast of California to the coast of Georgia in 27 days – a distance of more than 2,800 miles. We wish you well on your journey.

Mighty Land says thank you for your service sir. You will be greatly missed and your legacy will be forever etched in Land Land history 

Editor’s note: David Bloomer is a member of the Mighty Land directorate and participant in the Public Affairs Liaison Program. Bloomer submitted this article to acknowledge Hang’s exceptional leadership.