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News | May 9, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Reginald Tyus

DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Employee spotlight regularly features outstanding non-supervisory personnel from throughout the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation and other DLA employees on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. Organizational directors may submit names of employees they wish to feature in this column to DLA Aviation Public Affairs. For more information, call (804) 279-3139.

Name: Reginald Tyus


Organization: DLA Aviation at Warner Robins, Customer Operations Directorate, Planning and Support Branch.


Years of Service: six months


What is your job title, and what do you do, specifically?

As a sustainment specialist, I ensure parts are available to support current and future shop workloads/special projects using all sources of supply. I mitigate potential supportability constraints for the F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft weapon system, subsystems and/or commodities. I coordinate with DLA and non-DLA sources of supply to develop, prepare, and implement material support plans. I also coordinate with DLA demand and material planners and appropriate Air Force personnel to establish and set retail stock levels. I compare supply requirements to constraints, identify supportability gaps and perform risk assessments using supply chain best practices to ensure all end items are supportable.


What do you like most about your job?  What I like most about my job is that it’s a challenge and it plays a vital role in the security of our country by supporting the warfighter. After serving 22 years and retiring from the Army, I want to continue giving back to my country and still be a part of the warfighter team, just in a different role.


What kind(s) of training and education helps your work performance in your current role?

I would say the hands-on, informal, side-by-side training with coworkers has been the most valuable to me. The willingness to share helpful information, tools, their desktop guides and Standard Operating Procedures. I have also attended formal sustainment specialist training.


If you could speak directly to the warfighters you support, what would you tell them?

First, I would thank them for their service. I would let them know that I was once in uniform, in the combat zone, and that I understand the challenges they face daily. Second, I would tell them that I am proud to support them and will do my part as a civilian to ensure they receive all the logistical support they need to be successful in completing their mission.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment has been serving my country for 22 years in the U.S. Army and meeting so many great people. I say this because nothing is free and protecting the freedom of everyone in the U.S. makes me proud.


If you could pick a personal motto, what would it be?  Be kind to everyone even if they are not kind to you.


What is your favorite military aircraft? Why?

The C-130 Hercules is my favorite military aircraft. I was a paratrooper in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I jumped out of C-141s, C-5s and helicopters, but there is nothing like the C-130. What I loved most was the ability to exit (jump) out of the rear of the aircraft by walking out the back of the tailgate.


Have you had a mentor that helped you grow in your career? If so who, and how did they help?

DLA Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams mentored me back when he, as a lieutenant colonel, commanded the 3rd Logistical Task Force of the 3rd Forward Support Battalion at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. I was attached to the 3rd LTF during my Kosovo deployment.

He believed in me and gave me the opportunity as a sergeant first class to be the accountable officer of the Basic Load Holding Area; a position normally assigned to an Army warrant officer 2 or higher.

I had to brief VIPs and general officers, to make timely decisions that affected the flow of ammunition and explosives, and the net explosive weight. I would brief Williams and he would provide feedback, guidance and direction.

By being put in this position, I was able to build my confidence as a leader and a manager and to overcome some fears I had as a senior noncommissioned officer.  He helped me to grow professionally and advance my career. After that deployment I was selected for master sergeant.


If you could pick a personal motto, what would it be?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Who is your favorite actor or actress and why?

My favorite actor is Denzel Washington. He puts so much passion into his acting. The movie I liked the best is Glory. He also is a great supporter of the military and veterans. He made a sizable donation to the Fisher House. For more than 25 years, the Fisher House program has provided “a home away from home” for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and Veteran Affairs medical centers. These homes offer free temporary lodging to military and veterans’ families, allowing them to be close to their loved ones during a medical crisis and focus on what’s important—the healing process.