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News | July 25, 2018

DLA’s Information Operations CIO hosts town hall at DLA Distribution headquarters

DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency’s Kathy Cutler, DLA Information Operations director, and chief information officer hosted an “Ask the CIO” Town Hall July 10 in the Gainey Auditorium at the DLA Distribution Headquarters in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.  The purpose of the event was to provide insight on the agency’s current Information Technology initiatives and to answer employee’s questions.

Cutler explained the plan for DLA Information Operations to move to a collaborative design environment, in order to provide faster technology for DLA in the future.

The challenge DLA Information Operations is facing is increased cyber security threats, combined with an unprecedented pace of innovation within technology and data management. Cutler explained the vision is to develop an “Enterprise Enablers Strategy” to proactively innovate and overcome or avert technological and data management challenges.

“We plan to publish the Enterprise Enablers and align our efforts and culture to propel DLA ahead of the exponential pace of innovation and cybersecurity demands,” said Cutler. “Our goal is to move to a collaborative design environment in order to provide faster technology for the future.

Additionally, Cutler expressed the desire for DLA Information Operations to improve the customer experience. DLA GO, a single sign on portal, is expected to be deployed over the next year, and will include every application needed to complete every tasks.

“The eventual goal is to move toward work as an activity, not an actual place,” said Cutler.

Before fielding questions from the Distribution Headquarters employees, Cutler mentioned that DLA director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams considers the Warehouse Management System to be one of the most important initiatives across the DLA Enterprise.  “The Warehouse Management System, or WMS” will be deployed to all Distribution and Disposition sites within the next four years.