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News | Aug. 9, 2018

DLA Director visits DLA Distribution San Joaquin

By Annette Silva DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

DLA Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams visited the DLA Distribution San Joaquin Team Aug. 1 during his travel to the West Coast.

The Director’s morning kicked off with DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s commander Marine Col. Andre Harrell providing the command overview and explaining the mission and capabilities of the distribution center. Additionally, DLA Distribution commanding officer Rear Adm. Kevin M. Jones was in attendance and provided keen insight into DLA Distribution’s mission during the brief.

Upon conclusion of the command overview, the Director met with the leaders of all DLA tenants at the distribution center. The leadership discussed their roles and support they provide to the distribution center. During this meeting, he conveyed the importance that the distribution center not only to DLA but throughout the Department of Defense. Additionally, he spoke of San Joaquin’s involvement with FEMA for humanitarian assistance and support to the US Forest Service with their Wildland Fire mission. He not only praised the distribution team, but all DLA entities and tenants who enable the distribution center to complete its mission.

After the briefings, the Director was taken on a windshield tour of the installation that pointed out the way forward for the installation. After the driving tour, he had the opportunity to walk through key warehouses in the mission area.

First, he toured Small Parcel Receiving, Mechanized Storage, Foreign Military Sales and Mechanized Packing operations (Bin Division). The Bin Division serves as the primary hub of receipt, storage, issue and packing activities in preparation for shipment within DLA Distribution San Joaquin.

The last stop was the Consolidation and Containerization Point. The Director was briefed on the redesign in progress. The new layout will lead to a 35 percent increase in processing capability, 10 percent increase in cube utilization per seavan, and substantial improvements to quality without additional resources. The Director was also provided a quick tour of the Unitized Group Ration operation before his departure. 

After touring, the Director recognized six stellar employees with his “Ya Done Good” certificates. The team members were chosen by their leadership for going above and beyond in their duties. The Director also recognized two of our dedicated employees, Mary Martinez and Anna West, who have over 50 years and Beth Palacio, J6 Mayor for 34 years of faithful service to DLA and our great nation.

“Team San Joaquin was honored to host Lt. Gen. Williams and Rear Adm. Jones for a coordinated site visit,” commented Harrell. “The Director highlighted the importance of our multi-faceted mission that supports 16,000 global customers through our CCP, Wildfire Support, UGR, Dedicated Truck, D2, FMS, and DDXX capabilities.  Overall, we were expressly grateful for having both the DLA Director and Distribution Commander visit Team San Joaquin.”