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News | Sept. 22, 2020

DLA Aviation celebrates Air Force birthday

By DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation employees and service members gathered Sept. 18 in the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center to celebrate the Air Force’s 73rd birthday.

The National Security Act of 1947 separated the Army Air Forces from the Army and made it an equal branch of the military on Sept. 18, 1947.

In her birthday memorandum last week, Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett stated, “Over the course of our service’s history, our determination for cutting-edge innovation has made us the leader in air, space, and cyberspace.  The integration of diverse types of military power across multiple warfighting domains is a testament to our ability to adapt and evolve in an era of great-power competition.

Air Force innovation was showcased during the celebration through the video Heritage Today - Air Force Innovation.

Early last week, the secretary highlighted the services ability to evolve when she announced the new “eSeries” classification in support of the department’s digital future during at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference, Arlington, Va., Sept. 14, 2020. Aircraft, satellites, weapon systems and more that are digitally engineered will receive the “e” prefix.

“Today’s airmen have a spirit of ingenuity and resolve,” said Air Force Col. John Waggoner, director, DLA Aviation Customer Operations, who was the guest speaker at the celebration. “They challenge the status quo and make things better moving forward.”

Waggoner served as the 732nd Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron commander from August 2005- March 2006 during Operation Iraq Freedom.

“The sense of pride in our combat airman was something to behold,” Waggoner said, highlighting the resolve and the changing role of the airman.