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News | Oct. 16, 2020

Aviation second quarter award winners are at the top of their class

By Natalie Skelton, DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Teamwork, a willingness to grow and an eye toward improvement. These characteristics are evident in the recipients of the Aviation Employee of the Quarter Award for the second quarter of 2020. Despite their different roles, each of them displays professional excellence that contributes to the overall success of Defense Logistics Agency Aviation.

The Aviation EOQ Award is the brainchild of the Command Programs office and a recent addition to the venerable list of accolades for which DLA employees may be nominated.

Winners of the second quarter [April, May, and June] were Jay Castro for Category A, Ashley Jones for Category B, and Geraldine Bucher for Category B.

The Aviation EOQ Award recognizes individuals in three separate categories: A, B and C. Employees eligible for Category A recognition are General Schedule / Wage Grade or WL [leader]1-6. Employees eligible for Category B are GS/WG or WL 7-12. Employees eligible for Category C are GS 13-15 or Wage Supervisors.

Jay Castro is a material handler in Customer Operations Directorate at DLA Aviation at Ogden, on Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and has been with DLA Aviation for a little over a year. In that time, he has worked as a forklift operator and materials processor.

“Receiving this award means I’m on the right path in my career with DLA. I am passionate about my work and that I connect with my leaders and my team.” Castro said. “I’m honored and grateful to receive this award.”

Castro plans to improve the work his team does by setting goals.                                                                                  

“My plan is to achieve work effectiveness, greater responsibilities and productivity by doing more training, engaging in effective communication and following up with them after.” Castro said.

According to the award nomination, Castro received the award due to his consistent communication, maintaining an active awareness of the workloads across five maintenance shops, and providing daily support through the Landing Gear Shop Service Center. Castro has been the only workforce member in the Landing Gear SSC for two months, relentlessly making certain all SSC material is processed with the delivery response time goal of 90 minutes or less.

Ashley Jones is a sustainment specialist in Customer Operations Directorate at DLA Aviation at Ogden, on Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and has been with DLA Aviation for five years. She has filled roles as expeditor, customer service specialist and sustainment specialist.

“This is clearly one of the most significant events of my professional career and I am very thankful,” said Jones. “I could not have my career without my past and current coworkers. I owe a huge appreciation to each one of them.”

Jones says she believes in always being available to help answer questions that her coworkers may have and to help them progress in their careers.

According to the award nomination, Jones received the award due to her impact over the 2nd quarter, resulting in the complete strategic parts assessment of her assigned production numbers valued in excess of 4.4 million dollars, which are vital in the organic repair of multimillion dollar weapon systems to support the warfighter.

Geraldine “Geri” Bucher has served as a procurement analyst for just over a year in the Procurement Process Support Directorate at DLA Aviation Richmond, Virginia, but she has been with DLA for more than 12 years, working as a supervisor for DLA Aviation interns and as an acquisition specialist.

“The recognition is greatly rewarding, as I continually apply myself to learn all I can, in all situations,” said Bucher. “My supervisors are always thankful for all my team and department accomplishments. They are simply the best.”

Bucher is working on the COVID-19 team, reporting the daily status of supplier impacts to DLA Aviation and DLA customers.

“The team I work with continually strives to improve the communications and reporting that are necessary for DLA Senior Leadership to gauge the current status of supplier impacts on operations and material availability.” Bucher said.

According to the award nomination, Bucher received the award due to her timeliness of response to Aviation and DLA Headquarters leadership. In addition to her normal duties and situational tasks, Bucher serves as a lead on Aviation’s COVID-19 supplier impact team, informal mentor to a group of 60 procurement interns assigned to the Procurement Training Branch; excelling in her position through her resiliency, teaming, and mission focus.

Aviation award recipients from each quarter are eligible to compete for the DLA Aviation Employee of the Year Award.