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News | Jan. 27, 2021

DLA Installation Management employees receive DLA’s 53rd Annual Employee Recognition Award

By Dominique J. Shelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

On the heels of what proved to be a trying year for many, 2020 closed out on a high note for two Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond, Virginia employees who are recipients of the DLA’s 53rd Annual Employee Recognition Awards program.

For Security Professional Awards, Donald Bartlett received the DLA Senior Security Professional of the Year; and for the Installation Support Excellence Awards, police Maj. Mark Bowen received the DLA Lead Police Officer of the Year.

Both Bartlett, management analyst, Business Management Division, DLA Installation Management Richmond and Bowen, lead training/operation officer, Emergency Support Services, DLA Installation Management Richmond were honored for their dedication and contributions made in support of the warfighter and the DLA Aviation mission across the globe throughout the year.

According to his nomination citation, Bartlett, who at the time of his nomination was working as an investigative analyst within the DLA Installation Management Richmond office, was recognized for implementing creative organizational strategies to improve the safety and security on Defense Supply Center Richmond. Consistent with the DLA Director’s focus area of sustaining and improving readiness, he independently and exponentially improved the installation’s active shooter awareness training program.

Per the nomination, this training has fully captured audience interest and been lauded as some of the best and most realistic training ever attended.

According to Bartlett the win was a team effort. “I am elated that our team would be recognized for our positive contributions to public safety on DSCR. We have an unbelievably competent and capable Security and Emergency Services team and I am blessed beyond measure to have been a part of our team’s success during 2020.”

Bartlett further enhanced security and laid the groundwork for future success by developing a strategic partnership with installation stakeholders to create the first-ever DSCR Threat Assessment Team. Established for the purpose of saving lives, the threat assessment team is designed to improve cross-functional coordination amongst DLA Counsel Aviation, DLA Intelligence Richmond, Security, Law Enforcement and Antiterrorism/Force Protection communities to ensure the timely identification of potentially violent conduct and other high-risk behaviors.

“The threat assessment team will help ensure indicators of suspicious activity and threat mitigation recommendations are referred to the installation commander in advance of an undesirable event,” said David Gibson, director, DLA Installation Management Richmond. “Don’s efforts in this extensive undertaking have fully supported the DLA strategic plan by ensuring readiness across the end-to-end supply chain through reducing risk, improving efficiency, and optimizing support to the warfighter.”  

According to his nomination, Bowen was recognized for independently improving the department’s firearms training program by adding increased realism to familiarization and sustainment courses of fire. In turn, utilizing the department’s active shooter response training to the highest level of proficiency, focusing all efforts on improving police officers’ ability to expeditiously stop emerging threats during intentional mass casualty incidents.

“I appreciate all of the people who shared their time and knowledge with me along the way to help me achieve these goals,” Bowen said. “I perceive this not as an individual award, but rather a collective achievement.”

The citation states Bowen was responsible for establishing and maintaining effective working relations with both internal and external customers to facilitate law enforcement training. He coordinated and implemented training solutions to ensure 100% compliance of all police officer training standards and record keeping. He developed and implemented training initiatives designed to address deficiencies and improve officer readiness in response to routine and emergency calls for service.

Bowen’s supervisor, Julio Clavell, chief of police, DLA Installation Management Richmond, said Bowen also provided invaluable contributions to four police shifts and identified potential training topics through direct engagement with police officers during daily operations, inspections, squad-level training and field training.

He was directly responsible for managing the department’s field training officer program and provided expertise to department leaders on all matters pertaining to the protection of life and property at DSCR.

“This award was made possible by working together with individuals in both the police department and throughout the installation.” Barlett said. “Although my name is on the award, I know that it was made possible by the collective high quality work of others around me. I am proud to represent the hard-working men and women of DLA Aviation Richmond.”

Due to social distancing guidelines currently in place, the ceremony typically held at Fort Belvoir has been pre-recorded and is scheduled to be released to the workforce Jan. 28.