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News | Nov. 2, 2021

Celebrating DLA's 60th Anniversary: DLA Energy Task Force Americas

By DLA Energy Public Affairs

DLA is celebrating 60 years of logistics support since it was created Oct. 1, 1961. The theme is “Forged by History, Focused on the Future.” 

In times of national disasters and hurricanes, Defense Logistics Agency Energy and its Task Force Americas provides vital fuel support to the nation. As the executive agent for Class III products, petroleum, oil and lubricants, DLA Energy provides support to Federal Emergency Management Agency through its multi-purpose fuel contingency contact with a designated fuel contractor.

Since March 2006, DLA Energy has provided ground fuel support to meet FEMA’s fuel requirements during presidentially-declared national emergencies and disasters. Notable DLA Energy deployments include Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and in 2017, three hurricanes within 30 days; Harvey, Irma and Maria.

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