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News | Nov. 16, 2021

2021 – The year that was for Disposition Services contracting directorate

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

For the contracting division within the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services, 2021 was a year filled with changes and accomplishments.

During the year, the directorate introduced a new Requirements Branch and saw one of the largest military drawdown efforts in recent memory while continuing to navigate through the COVID-19 environment.

The previous fiscal year 2020 saw lower than projected sales revenues within the contracting division – due in part to the effects of COVID-19 impact on world markets and operations. Fiscal year 2021 saw contracting sales numbers rebound. The proceeds from public sales revenue reached $15 million above the projected target.

Group meeting in a conference room
2021 - The year that was for Disposition Services contracting directorate
Director of Disposition Services Contracting Division Tracy Hart meets with other members of the contracting directorate during a small business contracting briefing in the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center.
Photo By: DLA Disposition Services
VIRIN: 210429-D-AU600-501

Director of Disposition Services Contracting Division Tracy Hart went into further detail about what the revenue truly means for the agency.

“Proceeds gained from public sales revenue helps to defray our Warfighters Service Level Bill, so every dollar counts,” said Hart. “Bouncing back in fiscal year 2021, by exceeding our projected revenue, is in my opinion, a sign of recovery and resiliency – which helps us, help our Warfighters.”

2021 also witnessed the establishment of the brand-new Requirements Branch within the contracting division. Established in April, this new branch aligns and streamlines all contracting sales, operations and hazardous waste processes together under one roof.

“Creating a requirements branch is a major change in the contracting operations,” said Bernie Solovey a contracting division chief. “Before it was decentralized but this will help build more consistency and should produce better contract products.”

The effects of this initiative will impact the entire agency in a positive way as contracting timelines and quality are improved. The goal of the newly formed Requirements Branch is to create better contracts through collaboration.

“[The goal is] Aligning the contracting team and requirements team to write good contracts with clear and understandable requirements,” said DLA Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon during the annual Strategic Leadership Summit. “If the two teams are constantly collaborating, we’re going to get better requirements and better contracts.”

The creation of a new branch isn’t the only method for improving the products within the contracting division. The last year has seen a focus on training throughout the directorate and that will continue into next year as well.

“We are continuously looking for ways to improve our processes. We owe it to our customers, our valued employees and ultimately, U.S. taxpayers,” said Hart. “We’re continuing that focus into fiscal year 2022 and taking it one step further with emphasis on enhancing contract management.”

Focusing on contract management aims to create stronger end-to-end contract oversight. This initiative is one of Disposition Service’s key Strategic Lines of Effort and looks to build on a solid contracting team with training and workshops to ensure contracting products are as complete as possible.

“One of the major LOEs we’re working on is to further strengthen contract management,” said Solovey. “Making sure that we have the contracting officers for the service contracts and making sure that we’re training folks properly so they can manage the contracts and make sure contractors are meeting the requirements of the contracts that we write.”

The accomplishments of Disposition Services contracting team are a group effort and the result of hard work from many within the directorate Hart said. Addressing challenges and supporting the Warfighter with professionalism and flexibility are what Hart said makes her team unique, now and going into the future.

“I’m honored to lead a stellar team of professionals that are committed to customer service,” said Hart. “One of the key areas in which they “shined” last year is resiliency - being flexible to change, something I think is a strength of DLA Disposition Services as a whole.”