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News | Jan. 18, 2022

Transformative and dynamic leader awarded DLA Aviation October Leadership Award

By Dominique J. Shelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Douglas Williams, branch chief in the Commodities Branch in the Material Management Division at Defense Logistics Agency Aviation at Oklahoma City, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, was awarded the DLA Aviation Leadership Award for October.

This award recognizes DLA Aviation leaders who exemplify the four leadership traits deemed by the agency as the characteristics needed to be a good leader. These traits are referred to as the four dimensions of transformative leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.

“I was pleasantly surprised and humbled when I received this award,” Williams said. “Surprised because I truly work to be a behind-the-scenes kind of person working to ensure my team receives credit for our accomplishments. Humble because I know the competition that competes for this award is quite impressive and are just as deserving.”

Samuel Eggleston, Material Management Division chief at DLA Aviation at Oklahoma City and Williams’ direct supervisor, stated that he is a good leader and a great recipient for this award because he is always thinking outside of the box while continuously looking for ways to make improvements.

“Doug is a dynamic and transformative leader challenging the way ‘things have always been done,’ said Eggleston. “He understands that improvements are not a one-time event, but rather a continuous process that needs and deserves to be examined to ensure progress is made within the organization.”

According to Richard Schwing, deputy commander, DLA Aviation at Oklahoma City, Williams built trust and confidence in his team. This resulted in them providing direct support to the Air Force Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex’s commodity production organization, which produces over 60,000 critically needed components supporting weapon systems, engines and end-items worldwide.

“The result of Williams’ efforts has led to a significant increase in performance, not only to one individual shop service center but to Tinker’s performance as a whole.” Schwing said. “For the first time ever, [our] Oklahoma City industrial support activity has met or exceeded SSC fill-rate and optimization four months in a row.”

Per Eggleston, as a direct result of Williams’ leadership, customers in commodities production exceeded their annual program of 1.91 million production hours by 30,000 hours.

“Doug’s vision to continually improve processes, question assumptions and empower his team, make him the clear choice for the DLA Aviation Leadership Award,” said Schwing.

“I never expected to receive or to even be acknowledged for the work I do day-in and day-out,” Williams said. “Although, I was the recipient, I feel this is a win for all of the management team here at DLA Aviation at Oklahoma City.”