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News | March 14, 2022

New resources highlight DLA’s range of supplies, services

By Beth Reece

Employees and customers wanting to know more about what the Defense Logistics Agency offers have two new resources: a brochure that lists DLA’s extensive supplies and services and a webpage with direct links to the offices that provide them.

“One of the cool things about these products is they show the broad range of support and services provided by DLA, things that even some DLA employees are like, ‘Who knew?’” said Navy Capt. Tim Bellott, chief of DLA’s Whole of Government Division.

Like employees who are mostly familiar with the range of support provided only by their major subordinate command or directorate, customers often view the agency in terms of specific commodities or services they purchase. The new resources are expected to expand employees’ awareness of DLA’s capabilities and can be shared with customers at outreach events or through direct customer contact.

Bellott said the brochure is particularly useful for customer support representatives and liaison officers to whole-of-government or military organizations because it includes a QR code users can hold their phone camera to for instant access to the webpage.

“From there, users have access to hyperlinks to the different parts of the agency that do the work customers may be interested in learning more about,” he said. “That means people don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting down points of contact because we’ve already done it for them.”

Links are categorized under sections such as Clothing and Textiles, Document Services and Disposition Services. Users can also find information and POCs for military, federal, state or local support, as well as links to resources for placing orders or checking an order’s status.

Contact information for the DLA Customer Interaction Center is especially helpful, said Bellott, who discovered the CIC’s value while deployed in early 2020 as a DLA Rapid Deployment Team commander to help U.S. Army North equip medical units that assisted U.S. hospitals during the pandemic.

“They needed help placing orders in the Army’s system, which feeds into ours, so the RDT member with me literally went over and sat down next to a young soldier and called the CIC. The agent on the other end was able to walk them step-by-step through the process of working in the Army’s system as well as our own. I’ve been a huge fan ever since,” he said.

The brochure also details the benefits to customers who take advantage of DLA’s expertise in acquisition, storage, distribution and surge capabilities.

“We’re very good at the contracts we write and at helping other agencies get the best value for their money,” Bellott continued.

Expanding its customer base allows DLA to increase its volume of purchases, which helps lower costs for military and federal customers. The agency’s support to federal, state and local governments continues to grow and includes formal support agreements with over 40 agencies, all 50 states, 300 local and 122 international partners with sales at $5 billion in fiscal 2021.

The brochure is available for downloading and printing from the DLA Support Services section on