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News | March 14, 2022

Annual tornado drill held on Defense Supply Center Richmond

By Leon Moore, Public Affairs Specialist DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Every year, Virginia’s tornado season peaks during the spring and summer seasons. It’s a time when the commonwealth is susceptible to severe thunderstorms which can produce short-lived, but very destructive tornados.

As part of Virginia Severe Weather Awareness Week 2022, which took place March 7-11, annual tornado response drills take place throughout the commonwealth. Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, tested the mass warning notification system, Giant Voice, with a "seek shelter" message March 8.

William Bullock Sr., the installation emergency manager for DLA Installation Management Richmond said "seek shelter" means to immediately look for or seek a protected place to stay until the emergency has subsided and is used for weather-type events.

He said it’s essential to understand that "seek shelter" is synonymous with tornado season.

During a tornado, flying debris is one of the greatest dangers, and it is best to avoid any room with windows that debris could potentially break. The best location to "seek shelter" is an enclosed, windowless area in the center of a building or the sturdiest part of a building. Interior stairwells are alternate places to shelter.