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News | Oct. 21, 2022

High performance leaders awarded for 3rd quarter

By Dominique J. Shelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

George Watson, chief of the Material Management Division, DLA Aviation at San Diego, California, and Linwood “Lenny” Rogers, deputy chief counsel, DLA Aviation Richmond, Virginia, were named as DLA Aviation Quarterly Leadership Award winners for the 3rd quarter. 

The Leadership Award recognizes DLA Aviation leaders that exemplify the four leadership traits deemed by the agency as the characteristics needed to be a good leader. These traits are referred to as the four dimensions of transformative leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation.

“I consider this award a highlight in my career,” Rogers said. “I look at the Aviation leadership group as not only my clients and customers, but also as my peers and friends. I recognize that I could not have achieved this award without the excellent team of attorneys who work alongside me. I am both honored and humbled by this recognition.”

Per the award citation, throughout the rating period, Rogers and his team provided exceptional support to Strategic Acquisition and Programs, as well as numerous other directorates within Aviation.  

Rogers provided advice and legal analysis on complex, multi-billion-dollar sole source acquisitions. In addition, he and his team assisted in the development of the Captains of Industry umbrella contract structure as well as subsumable structure of each contract under the umbrella. The subsumable contracts include consumables, depot-level repairables, repair, engineering, additive manufacturing, and performance-based contract initiatives that include metrics with incentives/disincentives. 

“Lenny is an exceptional leader who leads by example, while including his team in complex assignments to allow them to learn from him as they complete the tasks together,” said Christopher Davis, director, DLA Aviation Strategic Acquisition and Programs Directorate. “He practices individualized consideration with his team as he coaches them to tackle initiatives with limited oversight. Lenny exemplifies the concept of leading by example through his professional, detail-oriented, and engaging leadership style.”

Moving over to San Diego is where we find George Watson, whose efforts throughout the rating-period contributed to DLA Aviation at San Diego’s success in providing exemplary customer service. 

“I’m honored to receive this award and represent the DLA Aviation at San Diego team,” said Watson.

Per the citation, Watson emulates leadership attributes by driving positive behavior between leadership and subordinate teams. He initiates project collaboration with all customer programs, providing urgent DLA response to support induction and material support and efficiency.

Darrin Clark, chief of DLA Aviation at San Diego’s Material Management Division, said throughout the rating-period, Watson received many accolades from senior customer leaders, while empowering his team to reduce backorders by over 32% setting the bar for other teams to follow. It was during this time that he also encouraged a creative and innovative approach to solving problems for personnel by establishing short modular training sessions to empower employees while maintaining workload expectations and customer satisfaction. 

“Watson ensures each of his team members success by assisting in the development of individual training, education, certification goals, professional development and future leadership development,” Clark said. “He provides continuous mentoring opportunities for all employees in developing individual talents and knowledge, as well as developing core technical competencies. He has earned respect by all and for this reason he is most deserving of this award.”

“High-performing organizations like DLA exist because of the dedication and hard work of its team members,” Rogers said. “Recognizing team members for their contributions to the mission keeps everyone on the team engaged, enthusiastic and motivated to achieve, grow and evolve.”