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News | Dec. 2, 2022

2022 is a successful year for Disposition Service Central

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

Each region within Disposition Services has their own set of unique operational challenges to overcome. For the Central region, 2022 was a year in which its personnel were able to successfully navigate those challenges with the help of modernization and teamwork.

Throughout the region, improvements to facilities are increasing operational capabilities at each site. In Qatar, the creation of a new 10-acre field site began and is scheduled for completion before the new year. Additionally, structures at the site have been remodeled, including the addition of a 500-gallon water tank and multiple local network connections, among other improvements.

“The new site in Qatar will finally be able to match the requirements put forth by the customer for robust full-service property disposal capabilities,” said Dave Flietstra, the Central region deputy director. “While this will increase the capacity for processing property significantly, the new site will also allow for a safe and compliant property disposal operation while providing updated and modern facilities for the DLA workforce to operate from.”

Qatar is not the only site with improvements benefiting its personnel. From July to September, three large area maintenance shelters were constructed at the Kuwait site. The construction of these shelters allows for secure storage of secure demilitarized and reutilization, transfer, and donation items, as well as receipt of small items.

Structural improvements are only a part of the positive changes taking place in Central over the last year. The team was also able to make strides in supporting the scrap removal mission.

Qatar successfully removed 12 Naval Information Warfare Systems Command barges that were previously staged for years – torch cutting the 40-foot-long barges before transport.

Bahrain saw its scrap removal mission flourish as the site reached requirements to fulfil the field office scrap sales contract terms – at one point removing over 400,000 lbs. of scrap during a two-week period.

One of the most unique aspects of the Central region is the makeup of its personnel. Due to being a deployed environment, the region faces the challenge of having a work force that is undergoing constant change. The team has overcome this challenge and found a way to turn this potential pitfall into a strength – as military, civilian and contractors all work together to accomplish the daily mission Flietstra explained.

“Each of these groups working side by side create a joint force that can achieve the intent of the DLA Disposition Services Director which is safe and compliant property disposal in support of the warfighter,” Flietstra said. “It is a continuous moment of pride when the combined joint workforce of this region continually meets and exceeds the expectations of customer support and property disposal.”

As the Central team works day-in and day-out to maintain Disposition Services’ role as the reverse logistics center of excellence, the entire force is planning to meet any, and all future challenges.

“While we may not know today what those requirements specifically will develop into, we are postured to support where and when necessary,” Flietstra said. “The team here looks most forward to accomplishing the assigned mission of supporting the warfighter and making that happen in the most effective and efficient way possible.”