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News | May 10, 2016

Five inductees honored at Land and Maritime Hall of Fame ceremony

By Craig M. Rader DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

One is remembered as a proponent for supplier excellence and small business innovation. One was recognized for an ability to collect and analyze complex data. Another was a key member of multiple base realignment commissions. One was an innovative problem solver on matters of supply chain execution and resource management. One built a decades-long track record as a dynamic and outspoken advocate for business process transformation.

The common denominator: All of them made significant and lasting contributions to Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime, and all now have a permanent place in the agency’s Hall of Fame. 

The May 4 recognition ceremony took place inside the Building 20 auditorium on Defense Supply Center Columbus and was simulcast internally on an agency multimedia network to more than 3,000 DLA associates nationwide.

James McClaugherty, Land and Maritime’s acting commander, welcomed the inductees and their guests and reflected on the many years of service each had committed to the agency.

“This ceremony for these great Americans is a visible reflection of just how much this tremendous organization appreciates the hard work and the sacrifices of those who laid the foundation, and helped build DLA Land and Maritime,” McClaugherty said. “This is a great day for Columbus, a great day for DLA, and the culmination of a great deal of hard work and commitment resulting in a day to honor our esteemed colleagues.”

The five inductees represent more than 159 years of service to their nation, through a combination of federal civilian and military work histories. McClaugherty noted how the legacies created through their long years of service will last long into the future and inspire future generations of DLA associates. 

Prior to each inductee taking center stage to receive a plaque and medallion representing their place among the pantheon of fellow Hall of Fame members, the audience watched a video showcasing each prior inductee throughout the program’s 12-year history.

Only the best of the best can earn a place in Land and Maritime’s Hall of Fame, and this year’s honorees exemplified the organization’s core values of “Integrity, Resiliency, Diversity, Innovation, Accountability, and Excellence”.

William Breil was inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame class thanks in part to his leadership during several iterations of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) activities at Land and Maritime. His knowledge, political savvy and common sense approach to setbacks during the transitional periods helped to greatly expand DLA’s ability to support the warfighter and the Department of Defense.

During her 28 year career with Land and Maritime, Diane Circle was known as an expert in supply and budget execution. She was considered the subject matter expert on resource management and served as a team leader, mentor, and finally division chief during her tenure. She credits the strong bonds that DLA associates share as the foundation of her success.

“What I value most from my time at DLA is the relationships I made with members of the teams I was privileged to be part of,” Circle said during her remarks to the audience. “Working together towards a common goal brings people closer together and provides everyone with great job satisfaction.”

Joyce Collins retired from DLA Land and Maritime in 2014 as an analyst in the Business Process Support Directorate. Her career with the agency spanned three decades and during the second half of that career she served as an integral member of the Sales Order Processing Branch. Her expertise in order processing system functionality and business capabilities was considered unrivaled within DLA during her time there.

Vikki Hawthorne spent nearly 20 of her 30 years at DLA working in the Small Business Office, rising from the position of procurement agent to associate director of Small Business Programs.  During that time she earned a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University as well as multiple certifications.

While addressing the audience, Hawthorne laid out her personal set of guidelines which she believes leads to professional fulfillment.

“Cherish the friendships that develop throughout your career, because you’ll find those relationships create a circle of trust around you,” Hawthorne said. “Listen to the guidance of your leadership, and never doubt your potential.”

The final recipient to take the stage was Patricia Shields, former deputy director of Supplier Operations. Throughout her career, Shields remained extremely active in leadership roles throughout DLA by serving as a mentor in the Tier II and Tier III programs, becoming the first president of the Leadership Development Program and the first to serve as Executive Champion of the DSCC Culture Council. 

“I truly believe the work being done at DLA is so very important to support the warfighter,” Shields said. “I take great pride when I tell people outside the organization what is being done there, supporting the service members out in the field, and helping them to accomplish their mission.”

As each new Hall of Fame member took the stage and made their remarks to the audience, a common theme began to emerge. While acknowledging their own dedication to the agency, they also maintained their success was made possible in large part due to DLA leaders and coworkers.

Each honoree contended that induction into the Hall of Fame was just as much a reflection of the commitment of DLA’s entire workforce as much as their own, and the mentorship and direction they received throughout their years was ultimately responsible for their success. 

History speaks in events such as these – but through individuals,” McClaugherty said. “One of our responsibilities as an organization is to ensure we capture these events and remember those who’ve had an impact so future generations can learn from their actions.”

DLA Land and Maritime’s Hall of Fame was established in 2005 to honor and preserve the memory of past associates for their exceptional leadership, service, dedication to duty, and contributions in supporting the DLA mission.