News | Sept. 6, 2019

Army Customer Facing Division chief shares DLA Aviation mission at AMCOM 101

By Cathy Hopkins DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Army Col. Buddy Hopkins, chief, Army Customer Facing Division, Customer Operations Directorate, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, along with several members of his division traveled to participate in AMCOM 101, an annual event hosted by the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command in Huntsville, Alabama. The event provides leaders in the sustainment of Army Aviation - from assistant division commanders to leaders in the Army’s aviation formations – with a better understanding of how AMCOM supports them. 

Hopkins participated in a Systems and Process panel discussion and covered how DLA is organized and supports the warfighter. Along with other panel members, he answered sustainment questions covering many subject areas, specifically including the Combat Aviation Brigade Common Authorized Stockage List.

“I am grateful for being asked to participate in this panel,” said Hopkins. “It is extremely important that DLA Aviation remain engaged with AMCOM and the greater Army Aviation community as we provide over 90% of the repair parts for the Army’s helicopter fleet. We have to stay attuned to what the Army is doing so we can continue to procure repair parts to meet sustainment requirements.”

Several Army Customer Facing Division members attended along with Hopkins and manned a DLA booth to showcase DLA Aviation’s unique missions, while addressing customer questions and assisting with customer issues.